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  1. Ok just picked him up, Brees and Big Ben have been mehhhh so far this season, so locked and loaded with Tua. If he has a good game sunday he'll be a top waiver wire grab so pulled the trigger. Let's gooooO!!
  2. Okok Raheem MustStart locked and loaded. Hope that knee's right cuz I'd love another crazy long TD this weekend. Let's goooo!
  3. OK ladies and germs. CGOD time. Locked and MFing Loaded. Even made sure to put him in my WR1 slot so he can feel like that top guy again. Get em Chris!
  4. Yeah I was worrying a bit about an injury that could knock him out multiple games. As long as he gets and converts the goal line work I'm coo wit it...
  5. He had a decent game from a scoring standpoint (which I accredit to me benching him) but man oh man Edmonds looks about 2.5x faster than the Drake out there. Yeesh. Timeshare on deck. KK will continue to feed Chase until Drakey can remember how to run. Thinking he may have bulked up this offseason to try to be more durable, and lost a step (or three) due to the change. Who knows. Not good tho, doesnt even pass the eye test.
  6. Welp, I'll take the blame for this one guys. Had him on my bench so far this season and finally fired him up this week. My bad. Back to the bench he goes, so he can blow up for yall next week.
  7. Mannn JRob is the truth and likely the best FF pick of 2020. If JJ can be the same for WRs, he can take his owners to the promised land. Let's goooo
  8. Top rated CB on our boy? Here's to hoping he gets front row seats to Jaws this weekend.... Chark Attack.
  9. It's an enticing matchup for sure. I wonder how many people out there will be starting Jefferson for the first time. He doesn't have a big sample size but his talent jumps off the film
  10. Tough call. Feels like the "smart" thing to do here is let him ride the bench his first week back and see how he looks... but how "smart" will I feel if his 62 yard TD run happens on my bench hahaa
  11. Like some others here, we have a shared chat with the leeg and the deal is, if you want an alternate to count because you're worried that say the Titans game may be postponed indefinitely / forfeited, then you need to declare your substitute in the shared chat before the alternate player starts his game.
  12. hahahaa Epic. It would be frustrating to watch him blow up on the bench, but more frustrating to watch him lay an egg in my starting lineup (again). [...] I feel like I've been putting too much pressure on Drake which may be affecting his performance. I demoted him to Flex last week, and it seems that didn't help, so now I've benched him to give him a chance to play free without pressure. Still rooting for the guy to put up a 100 yard, 2 TD performance on the bench tho. The season is long. I hope The Drake bounces back ❤️
  13. A little worried about the matchup. Bears looked flat through most of the game last week vs a tough defense, and we almost ended with an ARob dud. However, in Half-PPR, he's scored about 20 pts / week the past 2 weeks, and is WR11 in scoring. I think Foles realizes that feeding ARob is his path to success. While I don't love the CB matchup, and generally dislike Thurs. night games, it just feels hard to bench him at this point. I'm in a 10 team league, so I have other options at WR, but just feels hard to bench this dude who's pissed about his contract, with a new QB desperate to win, tea
  14. Baby Chark went beast mode last week. I think that was sorely needed for the offense. I think HOU will play hard to show the O'Brien firing was correct, but really hoping JAX can get the W for the confidence of this young team. Here's to a big game for the offense and JRob taking over. LFGoooo
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