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  1. Right, But that could go the other way as well. You'd think if it was the collar bone, he would have gone for surgery already. AC joint is all pain tolerance. Jaylen has had a big game with Conner in though, so maybe a banged up Conner gives Samuel more of a 50/50 split. He might not be the league-winning RB#1 of the year but he could be a viable flex, no doubt. My concern is if I really need to burn the #1, that I have been holding, on a Flex starter.
  2. I have the same issue. Waiver does not reset and I'm unsure if using it on J. Samuel is the way to go. I held off last week and skipped Ty Johnson.
  3. I offered and he accepted. Should have prefaced his WR's are Devante Adams and Mike Williams.
  4. Im Dying at RB and have good WR depth. Should I make this trade? RB: James White and Jamaal Williams, K. Hunt WR: Hopkins, OBJ, John Brown, Golden Tate, Hollywood
  5. I would not do it. I own Mixon in another league and though he looks great, until they get Green back, they are just stacking the box. Then their D sucks so they go way down and they start sprinkling Bernard in. K Johnson has been the guy since the CJ was let go. JMHO.
  6. Just got offered this and wanted a quick poll to see if I should pull the trigger?
  7. There was a proposed trade in our league: Barkley for Freeman and Boyd. Your thoughts??
  8. 12 Team Full Point PPR - Would you trade Thielen and Breida for Chubb QB: Mahomes RB: K. Johnson, J. White, Breida, AP, J. Hill WR: D. Hopkins, Thielen, John Brown, Golden Tate, Hollywood Brown, Mecole Hardman TE: Kelce, D. Walker
  9. It is decent, however the D. Robinson part is my question mark. The Brees and Brisett trade off looks nice, but you will probably not use either given Wentz stays healthy. I think that, right now, D. Johnson is better than Montgomery, but I think that will even out as the season goes on and the Bears start trusting the rookie. but AJ Green will come back and ball as a WR1. D Robinson had A game, one. He could boom or be a WR3/4 any given week. That is just my opinion. I would probably sit tight.
  10. This is resurfacing this week. Any thoughts? I think Hollywood and John Brown will be fine replacements for Thielen. I know Brieda had a good game last week, but with Wilson vulturing TD's and Mostert getting his work AND Coleman coming back at some point, I am really considering this now.
  11. Tyrell. He is the clear WR1 against a mediocre pass D... plus I just can never trust a GB RB. Minnesota D is no joke
  12. That does change things a bit, however, do you really want Gordon AND AB ?
  13. Maybe, but not yet. Wait this week out. AB will get a handful of snaps and we'll see how he will fit in the offense, going forward. I don't predict a monster game that would kill the potential for a trade.
  14. Duke ... Unless Mixon does not go, then it's Gio all day
  15. 12 Team PPR My Team : QB: Mahomes RB: K. Johnson, J. White, Breida, AP, J. Hill WR: D. Hopkins, Thielen, J. Brown, G. Tate, M. Brown, M. Hardman TE: Kelce, D. Walker
  16. Hold, Matt Ryan will give you nightmares. Trying to figure out up and down weeks f that. We will see more about Brown this week.
  17. Wait one more week and see if Hollywood has another game. People were impressed by his week one but are still skeptical of his usage (14 snaps). I personally think that was because of the lead but.... we'll see this week, in what is projected to be a closer game ie: not the Dolphins. If brown has a 7 catch, 100+ yard game, you can then flip him.
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