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  1. So what kind of workload does this dude get with the Chiefs possibly limiting/benching their starters? Is he even worth rostering at this point?
  2. This entire backfield is a dumpster fire with all the injuries. McKinnon will probably end up starting.
  3. Have always disliked Zeke, hope he sits again.
  4. Half of Kelce is better than the trash TE's on the waiver wire.
  5. Kelce owners get boned the worst. You can find other QBs and WRs easily, TE? Good ******** luck.
  6. Are we really not gonna have the best mismatch in all of football for the championship game? What a freaking blow that would be for those of us in the finals.
  7. And Kelce owners, thats the entire point of taking him. You dont have to waste a roster spot. At least there are decent QB options, TE's? Barf.
  8. If I lose the championship because Kelce gets benched, I'm gonna break something. The best mismatch in all of fantasy football, anyone going against him is lucky AF if he doesn't play.
  9. Welp, are KC player owners ******? I swear, if I lose Kelce in the finals, my opponent would be so GD lucky. Would be a tainted championship for sure.
  10. Steelers cant stop the run even though they know its coming. Sad.
  11. Steelers need to win, will be pissed if Chiefs sit Kelce next week. Would take away the best mismatch in the game. How lucky would my opponent be, good god.
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