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  1. I really like Kepler and Renfroe. Kepler being slightly higher. Peraza would be my choice for the dump with Darvish very close behind.
  2. To preface this, all players in this league can be kept an unlimited amount of time without having any major implications like a mock salary cap Team A gets: Vlad Jr. Jesus Luzardo Team B gets: Eugenio Suarez Nate Pearson Wander Franco Luis Robert WHIR
  3. As a Kopech owner in a rebuilding situation in a dynasty league I disagree with this statement 100%. Those 2 innings were great!
  4. Is there any way the Texans' playing surface can get outlawed? Non-contact injuries EVERYWHERE JJ Watt and Chris Conley tonight -Arian Foster -Wes Welker -JaDeveon Clowney Rookie Year ...and many other lesser known guys Just glad my dudes got out of their healthy tonight.
  5. With all the Giants WRs being raptured, dare I say Victor Cruz?
  6. The leader in Yards From Scrimmage has 4 touches through 25 minutes. His team has 0 points through 25 minutes. I'm sure his coach will continue featuring the others on this offense.
  7. Having Thursday Night Football followed by a London game is the lineup equivalent of batting 1st half Kyle Schwarber leadoff with 2nd half Eric Thames in the 2 spot. Great on paper. Dumpster fire in practice.
  8. So when does Benny Cunningham start eating into whatever value Howard and Cohen have left? Bears will be in garbage time after 7:30 mark of every future Glennon start.
  9. Refs just going along with the script, man: https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/report-nfl-recognized-16-calls-that-went-against-the-jaguars-in-loss-to-packers/
  10. If he doesn't come in and go helmet to helmet that's a clean tackle. Adams was still trying to make forward progress. That being said he did not. The NFL needs to adopt the NCAA's targeting rule. Of course Gregg Williams would be out of a job, but it would be good for the game.
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