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  1. 9 Cat H2H The options are Kanter, Aldridge, Portis and Plumlee?
  2. I would stick with what you have. Julio will come back and dominate. Your RBs are good enough that you don’t need to give up Julio.
  3. I would pick Mixon. I feel like Lindsay might be back and they might have a hard time keeping that offence on the field. The Jets will probably be stacking the box making the new QB beat them through the air.
  4. PPR. I Trade Swift and Corey Davis for Fournette and Fant. I have Ronald Jones and feel like I have a better chance waiting on a TB RB to pull away than waiting for Swift. Davis is my WR5 and my TE is Hurst.
  5. Was offered Dak Prescott and Brandon Cooks for Cooper Kupp. I have Brees as my QB and Ridley, Evans, Cupp, CeeDee and Cory Davis as my WRs. PPR league. Start 3 WRs. Would you do this trade?
  6. Ppr. Start one of Emmanuel Sanders, Sterling Shepard or Chris Conley. WHIR
  7. Was just offered T Coleman, David Johnson and K Allen for Carson, Penny and Alshon. PPR league and my other RBs are CMC and Zeke. WRs are M Evans, ARob, S Sheperd and E Sanders. WHIR
  8. I would go with Brown. Number 1 option on his team with a safer floor.
  9. Need to start one of these guys ESanders, Shepard or Alshon. WHIR
  10. PPR league. Which 2 of these guys would you start. E Sanders vs Ari, R Freeman vs Min or A Tate vs Oak?
  11. Ppr league. Already clinched playoffs. Would this be an upgrade? Still have Evans, ESanders and Alshon. Or stay put.
  12. PPR league. First place at 8-1. Team in Sig. Would this be an upgrade with Detroit needing to pass with their terrible RBs? Will still have Evans, AJG and Alshon.
  13. I would do this trade. Your starters are upgraded. You would be thin at RB but will be better overall
  14. I would go Cooks as well. Mclauren has a tough match up and you can't trust Mixon anymore.
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