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  1. Same boat but I am going with Miller. He should see double digit targets again. Please help also
  2. I have the same dilemma as you and I have Boone in my Flex over Washington and AP. I am fine with it
  3. Up in the air with these 2 in my championship week. I have the Chiefs now but thinking about changing it to the Colts since they have Grier going out there and are injuried to death. I will help out with your questions also.
  4. Peterson. You just can not overlook the volume he is about to get
  5. Miller, division game, he should see a few good looks. Williams is ok but if Rivers struggles then it will be the Ekeler show after that
  6. Always go with your starters in any matchup, unless you have Joe Mixon LMAO
  7. Wally and Deebo. I am benching Mixon as I just can't fathom him doing anything with NE. Remember that offense just started to produce with AD back and that has been what just 2 weeks.
  8. Peterson. I know the matchup is bad but the volume just can't be overlooked. We do not know how B.Scott is going to do. Sanders is still the starter and I have B.Scott on my bench but am not starting him, but I am starting AP with confidence just on volume alone.
  9. I know this sounds like Ducktales but it is not, I am playing Taylor Rooks this week. It is her mom's league and her team is straight OP lol
  10. Tough one, the Minny will be a shootout as Rivers has been playing well. Man this is tough. Gotta go Diggs just no way you can bench him
  11. Team 1 - Waller Team 2 - Jimmy G, Lockett (bounce back game I am rolling with him also) and Mostert (49ers should have a field day out there)
  12. Jacob is an hit away from IR. There is a reason why Washington is still one of the top WW up until now. Play it safe and go with Gordan. Help me out please. I have 2
  13. I have rolled with one TE all year as Kelce had a super late bye and in this league we can only roll with 1 TE, can't even do it in the FLEX. Which one and just send the link over please. Also can someone please respond to this one also. Thanks
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