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  1. Winds look like they will be high for KC vs Oak.
  2. So far leaning Conley, Michel, and Darrell Williams with DWill out.
  3. Even with Conley’s matchup against TB?
  4. My choices are: Guice Michel Conley Chase Edmonds Darrell Williams Currently have Williams, Edmonds, and Michel in.
  5. Even with Terry being shadowed by Slay?
  6. Due to bye week hell, I have the following options for WR2: Scary Terry Taylor Gabriel Diontae Johnson Chris Conley Don’t know which one to pick a must win but leaning towards Gabriel due to the match up.
  7. Down by 3 heading into Monday night, opponent has Metcalf left. Which kicker should I start? Currently have Myers in.
  8. I think it was a good trade, Cincy's backfield is a crapshoot.
  9. With the MIA vs TB game postponed I can't start Winston. My choices are Wentz, Bradford, or Flacco.
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