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  1. Faaaarm livin is the life for me!!!!
  2. “Am I funny like a clown to you....you calling me clown funny????”
  3. They may also be bluffing to try to extract a kings ransom for one of those picks as well. If they talk about taking a QB and are serious they aren’t going to get a boatload of picks for Tua...
  4. Mixon could be waiver fodder as well defending on how things come out of week 10
  5. I say give Gio a rest....performing end zone celebrations is hard work!
  6. Actually.....I’m more fired up to have not taken Mixon as my 1st round selection. Smeeze is “en fuego”!
  7. Tell the Athletic to stop spreading “misinformation” and I will as well. What do you see on Joe Mixon playing this week (and beyond)? – Jamie S. Joe Mixon has been ruled out for Week 7, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he also misses Week 8. It looks like he is dealing with a mid foot (or Lisfranc) sprain, and these can be slow to heal. Mixon did return to the game last Sunday after getting injured but didn’t look like himself. Now he is going to miss at least one game after not practicing all week. The Bengals have a Week 9 bye, so he could have a full month to get that foot healthy be
  8. If he’s day to day why was he ruled out today and not a GTD? The only thing that needs a rest is his Lis Franc injury
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