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  1. Drop AB, he's a jackass and even if he signs somewhere he will f--- things up anyway. If you can hold Walton to be kept next season I might consider it, as he seemed to be the lead back in MIA. Otherwise your other drop is Gallman. Help with mine?
  2. #2 is a still regardless of who you need to give up. Go for it! Help with mine?
  3. If you have a strong record and can wait for Hilton this is certainly worth it! Help with mine?
  4. 16-team PPR keeper. Drafted Cam and Dalton (double RIP) and currently have Tannehill/Finley/Drew Lock rostered. Fitzmagic is the only QB available on waivers. I have been offered Foles for a 6th-round pick, or Kyler Murray & a 7th-round pick for my Josh Gordon & my 3rd-round pick next year. Kyler isn't a great value next season (4th-round keeper). Thoughts here?!?
  5. I can't see your sig but with Woods at WR3 I think you can manage with getting Kelce at TE as what I assume must be a substantial upgrade. I wouldn't count on Green, though - could roll into a Cam Newton situation and he may not play at all this season.
  6. In a 16-team PPR keeper, I am currently rolling out Tannehill on a weekly basis (drafted Cam Newton and Dalton as his backup, so...) so I feel like I need to at a minimum grab a QB who isn't going to get benched. There are no options in FA/on waivers aside from Hoyer and Finley, so you know what I'm working with... I grabbed Drew Lock and stashed him on IR as well so my QB situation is all kinds of pathetic! Baker's owner would move him for my Josh Gordon and a "pick upgrade" - I can spare Gordon, but I'm not sure what sort of pick swap is worth offering in addition to Gordon. Would love
  7. There are literally no QBs to pick up on waivers/in FA - that is the dilemma I face!
  8. Juju and Sutton for me. I understand the risks with each, but they're both the top targets on their respective teams and are much better bets with their target shares. Help with mine?
  9. Still like Woods over Scary Terry ROS. Things are completely in flux in WAS - wouldn't want any part of that. Help with mine?
  10. If you feel the trade helps you this season I'd do it - I mean Evans as your 3rd keeper isn't exactly terrible either, ya know? Help with mine?
  11. With the way Stafford is playing I would! Help with mine?
  12. Johnson to me is the most likely to return value regardless of the situation. JAX should be mostly healthy - if Dede sits I MIGHT consider starting Conley, but Conley has been an inconsistent producer and is clearly not a favorite target in that offense. Thanks for the help with mine!
  13. In a 16-team PPR keeper I am currently in first place with an excellent record and strong team but I have one glaring hole - QB. I drafted Cam Newton and then grabbed Dalton as a backup (thankfully, as most teams are carrying 2 QBs) and I recently scooped up Tannehill during his small window of success. Feels like the bubble's about to burst, so I need to trade for a startable QB moving forward. So far the owners of Brissett, Baker, and Wentz/Stafford (same owner) have made them available, but only Brissett's owner has stated terms (my Tannehill and a 3rd for Brissett, who can be kept in
  14. Moncrief and Winston are your best options worth dropping. In a 12-team league you don't need to roster a backup QB unless you are VERY matchup-driven or if everyone else has 2 QBs. Help with mine?
  15. I think the 2nd deal is fine if you absolutely need a backup/bye week fill-in and there are no other QBs worth mentioning.
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