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  1. Definitely Hill for me!! Agree with your assessment on mine. Never expected to be thinking that hard about Ballage
  2. CEH and Gibson for me. Thanks for the help with mine!!
  3. Have to decide between playing K Ballege and D Harris in two leagues. Non -PPR, TD heavy. I think it is really close. Actually leaning towards Harris. All help appreciated. Have a great Thanksgiving!
  4. Zeke or Damien Harris? Any advice welcomed
  5. Need 1 out of the following 1 pt for every 20 yards rec and 6 pt TD R Anderson D Parker S Shepard C Davis Darren Waller Leaning Anderson Thoughts? My other starters are K Allen and W Fuller Good luck today!!
  6. Struggling between these guys. 1point for every 50 yards passing and 4 points for passing TD and 6 points for rushing TD. Leaning towards Tannehill but not sure. Thank you very much, Good luck today.
  7. Hello All, Welcome back to Football. Good luck this year. Need 3 from the below. WHIR A J Green W Fuller K Allen J Edelman D Parker j Landry Love Fuller but rightfully nervous. Any and all help appreciated
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