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  1. My other WRs are Golladay, Hollywood, Gallup, and Fuller. I need to start 3 and was just gonna roll with Golladay, Gallup, and Fuller. Tempted to play Adams over Fuller because while he finally did something last week, he won't come near that again (wouldn't it be crazy though?). I'm unsure. Thoughts?
  2. MVS has been getting his and the GB offense is gonna open up any time now. No time like tonight.
  3. Start 3 Josh Gordon Davante Adam's Kenny Gollady Hollywood Brown DK Metcalf Will Fuller V
  4. Thanks for the offer but 100 bucks is a bit too rich for just coming back to fantasy.
  5. Dynasty or Money league preferably but seeing as how I haven't played in a league for a couple years, I'm down for whatever. Just no IDP please. Email is edward.j.spellman3@gmail.com Thanks
  6. Looking to join a free league, whether brand new or just needing replacement owners. Prefer to play on ESPN. Prefer a Dynasty league or deeper leagues. No 8 or 10 team leagues please. Email is edward.j.spellman3@gmail.com
  7. Aaron Rodgers Jay Ajayi Dez Bryant AJ Green Gotta keep two. Thanks in advance.
  8. Personally no. Most trades don't need to be veto'd in my experience as both a GM and a player. It's always in the eye of the beholder and unless you have irrefutable proof of collusion, you can't veto just because you think one guy/gal is getting shafted.
  9. Required two keepers, holding onto A-A-Ron and either: Dez Bryant AJ Green Jay Ajayi
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