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  1. Are the Chargers droppable at this point? Main streaming options would be 49ers and Bengals...
  2. I currently have the Chargers. Less than thrilled about the matchup and looking for a streamer... Cowboys @ Seattle and Dolphins vs. Raiders are the only two real options. Don't want to drop the Chargers, so I'll probably cut Yeldon since he's now injured as well. Thoughts?
  3. The game is finally here. Week 16. The Championship. I need a little help setting my lineup in what will be a very tough matchup. QB: Mariota, Carr RB: McCoy, Murray, Coleman, Gallman, Barber, Henry WR: Hopkins, Allen, Cooks, JuJu, Gordon TE: Ertz K: Lutz D: Ravens My main question is at QB. Would you start Carr vs. Eagles or Mariota vs. Rams? There is also the possibility of picking up Flacco to play against the Colts. RB, I'm pretty much going to have to be locked in to Murray. None of my other options inspire much confidence give
  4. I would probably stick with Perine and Anderson. Stewart has a great week, but he’s also put up negative points twice this season. If Rodgers is back, the Panthers might have to play a more pass oriented attack against GB.
  5. With my bye week over, I'm facing off against a tough league mate in the semifinals this week. I'm needing some advice for my team, mainly at QB at RB2. QB: I currently have Mariota and Dalton rostered. Mariota has a favorable matchup against the 49ers, but he's played horribly for most of the season. I'll be dropping Dalton, and I'm considering picking up either Nick Foles or Derek Carr. Foles plays the Giants who are the worst in fantasy defense to QBs but is in his first start this season, while Carr also has a somewhat good matchup against the Cowboys but has been pretty incon
  6. I would take a gamble on Taylor. I recently dropped Corey Davis. For me, Mariota formed a rapport with Walker and Matthews while Davis was out, and they don't quite have the right connection right now.
  7. After a win this week, I've sealed a first-round bye in the playoffs which means that I'll have my first playoff matchup in Week 15. Here's my team right now, and I'm trying to find some pieces to move to round it out. QB: Mariota, Gabbert* RB: McCoy, Martin, Murray, Coleman, Henry WR: Hopkins, Cooks, Allen, Gordon, JuJu TE: Ertz, Seals-Jones* K: Lutz DEF: Ravens I asterisked players that I'm not committed to; I only picked them up because they were hot in Weeks 11 & 12. Gabbert and Seals-Jones had bad Week 13 numbers.
  8. I think it's funny that people who believe Henry is the better back are called delusional when the stats from every corner of the universe agree with that statement. Murray's fantasy numbers are inflated simply because of his usage. Make Henry the workhorse, and he's a RB1 with a 10 point floor.
  9. Yesterday was our trade deadline, and in the morning before the deadline, I had a trade accepted by a leaguemate (Note: I sent the trade). I am in first place; the person I was trading with has a shot at the playoffs with a win this weekend, so they aren't completely out of the running. The trade... His: Lamar Miller My: DeMarco Murray, JuJu Smith-Schuster This would leave my starting team as... Mariota McCoy, Miller Hopkins, Cooks K. Allen Ertz Lutz Ravens His would be... Br
  10. I’m trying to cuff with Cadet. He seems really capable as a RB, and McCoy stays a little banged up.
  11. I’d go with Dede probably. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/686466-need-help-dropping-some-dead-weight-whir/
  12. I would go with Brate because of Winston and then drop Thomas for Woods. He was killing it before the injury, so I’m sure he could help you if he’s back for the fantasy playoffs. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/686466-need-help-dropping-some-dead-weight-whir/
  13. I would probably drop Bryant for Rodgers, honestly.
  14. Hey, all. Nearly locked up a first round bye, so I’m preparing for the playoffs, mainly weeks 15 & 16. I’m targeting a QB and Cadet as a cuff for McCoy. I’ll also be open to any suggestions for a drop, such as Martin (who I have a tiny bit of hope for that he can be effective with Winston back). Which QB would you pick up? - Blaine Gabbert (has been really good fantasy wise the past two weeks; plays Redskins, Giants) - Andy Dalton (Vikings, Lions) - Jimmy Garoppolo (Titans, Jaguars) I’m probably dropping the Bears D/ST for on
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