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  1. I was so close to posting how I think Gallman could struggle this week. Potentially bad game script, Colt McCoy starting, not having the running threat of Jones, the Seahawks having a good running D and poor passing D (which may lead to more playing time for Lewis), being TD dependent, etc. Then Gallman goes ahead and puts up an incredibly efficient game despite all of the above, and scores 13.5 points even with Morris vulturing away 2 TDs. What a game
  2. So, what do you guys think of him this week? A rematch against the Saints - was the last game against the Saints just a fluke or something to be very concerned about?
  3. Is Penny even eligible to return this season? I seem to recall something about having to return to practice by week 12 to be eligible to get off the PUP list
  4. Yeah, I mean, Metcalf is good, but he's no Dez Bryant. Or even Luke Kuechly
  5. Wow good call. I wonder why the 9ers always seem to have his number.
  6. Devonta Freeman if available? Gallman seems to have taken his job but you never know - Judge could prefer him for his versatility even if he is a downgrade as a runner
  7. To be fair, two other contributing factors besides his scoring: 1) His name 2) Converting three onside kicks in a row against the Saints last year (one called back)
  8. Anyone playing him this week? I'm finding it hard to resist playing him against a decimated Ravens defense, but of course there's the risk the game gets cancelled / postponed.
  9. They have twenty on the covid list (and something like 10-15 actual positive cases) - they literally may not be able to field a full gameday roster. The Broncos case is very different (only one positive case). Sucks that it's all QBs but so far there's no evidence that there's spread.
  10. I mean, clearly that was because of Kelce/Gronk/Hernandez. They heavily fed and schemed for their tight ends because those players were amazing. Unfortunately Hurst isn't near that level of player. Look at the Patriots tight ends after Gronk "retired", or the 49ers without Kittle.
  11. Turns out dropping Hunter Henry may cost me a playoff spot... I picked up Hooper and Hurst and that's earned me a combined 1.6 points over the last couple weeks, instead of Hunter's 21. Not great
  12. The Seahawks play on Thursday. If Penny has to practice by week 11, does that mean he has to practice in the next few days to avoid being out the rest of the season? If that's the case it's nice that we'll know well before Sun
  13. Are people holding Coleman through this week and the bye? Mostert reportedly had a chance to return this week, so it seems likely he'll be back after the bye, although it may just be coach speak. Also it has been a while since the injury
  14. Godwin is averaging a good 50% more red zone targets per game than Gronkowski Then why are you worried about a TE on pace for 580 yards, a RB on pace for 224 yards receiving, and a WR on pace for 750 yards taking away looks.
  15. Agreed, I don't think anyone thinks Bell is still elite. But I do think it's telling that the rest of the AFC East are all interested in Bell since they presumably have a little more insight than other teams. A small point in the "Gase is terrible" direction versus the "Bell is washed" direction
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