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  1. Oakland playing 7 games at home, primarily against LHP (Matz, Kay, Ray, Ryu?, Fleming, Hill, McClanahan?). While he's not showing platoon splits this year in small sample size, I am reducing expectations this week.
  2. That seems to persist in 2020 with relief outings. Looking at game logs, there were 4 out of 14 relief appearances that did most the damage: 8/20 (@MIN), 8/27 (vCIN), 8/31 (vPIT), 9/27 (@STL) - 6.1 IP; 2.75 K/BB; 12.80 ERA; 2.37 WHIP (2 HR's) All other relief appearances (10) - 20 IP; 5.5 K/BB; 0.00 ERA; 0.70 WHIP (0 HR's) Peralta's starter innings are also heavily biased toward the beginning of his career, when he's still learning how to reduce walks (2018 - age 21/22) and HR's (2019 - age 22/23). Here's to hoping he's a truly different pitcher now in his age 24/25 season.
  3. On Yahoo the Out designation counts for IR. Was able to put him there this morning.
  4. Speculation is it's a send-off as his last appearance as a Tiger. Tigers aren't playing for anything, so no loss.
  5. Morejon (L) likely to be replaced with Patino (R) after the first inning. Ruf/Slater at risk of being replaced with LHB as Giants do anything they can to win and make the playoffs.
  6. According to MLB Network, the Tigers and Twins have opted not to play Thursday. It's the third scheduled MLB game that will not take place on Thursday, as the Nationals and Phillies and Athletics and Rangers are also going to sit out in solidarity with those fighting for social justice. Matthew Boyd was set to face off against Randy Dobnak at Comerica Park in Detroit. SOURCE: Jon Heyman on Twitter Aug 27, 2020, 4:04 PM ET
  7. Lineups on Twitter showing him batting 7th. Baseballpress and Yahoo! seem to be using yesterday's lineup.
  8. Both Fletcher and La Stella have a .365 OBP coming in today, and Fletcher is a RHB vs. LHP Milone. Fletcher been lead-off for 3 of the last 4 games.
  9. Moose out of the game with a right hand contusion after 9th inning HBP. Brewers out of position players in the 11th. Imagine an injury gives the team a good excuse to slow-play Moose while keeping Shaw and Huira up.
  10. Unless there are some odd rules about your league, you should aim for 66-70% budget to hitters. 60% is fine if you want to go very pitching heavy with aces and top-tier closers.
  11. If you have deep benches and games played/IP limits, it makes sense. You want to maximize games played for counting stats, and a bench catcher likely fills in more GP than most bench bats. Also allows you to use Kurt Suzuki to maximum effectiveness.
  12. Have to use him at home in good matchups until the league catches up. There's definite concerns about his season-long viability with his current repertoire. However, in the short-term, deception will hold up until it doesn't.
  13. Modeling auction after a snake draft can be helpful to people new to auction leagues or with a new group of drafters. It could be a good baseline to work off of rather than pegging to a strategy that could be upset if others are going after the same strat. I'm also a bit confused about the criticism because the drafted team in the article does align somewhat with what CrypTvill's saying. The OF/UTIL/BN is full of OF dart throws that could be easily dropped or cycled through. IF/C is where all the high producers are. Pitching staff has some security in RP/SP as well, with some dart
  14. I'm wary of Mike Dunn in Coors. High FB% (42.6% in 2016; 43.0% career) and decreased K rate last year (21.6% in 2016 vs 25.8% career). Next series is Dodgers at home. *Full disclosure: Dropped Dunn and McGee yesterday for Bailey and a bat in a SV and HLD league.
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