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  1. This is the week to bench Dalvin if you have better options.
  2. "Give it a go" doesn't exactly instill confidence in a Thursday night game.
  3. Is PP going to be shadowing him? [...] The one week we bench him tho, we all know what will happen 🤕
  4. I can't roll him out there with nobody to throw the ball to and Washington defense hasn't been THAT bad as of late. Will decide between Josh Allen and Phil Rivers later in the week. Wentz season over as far as fantasy goes IMO.
  5. Huh? The game is tomorrow night, not this afternoon. Go take a look at Monday.
  6. I just don't want a scenario like the Washington 9ers game where the heavy rain stopped both offenses in their tracks.
  7. It's either him or Brandin Cooks so I don't think I have a choice here. Manny the #1 in that offense and Saints are healthy at home so I'm hoping for a close one.
  8. He shook the blue practice jersey yesterday and is taking hits. Anybody rolling him out there this week vs NO? Not sure if Lattimore will be shadowing him, but he led the team with 6 targets last week vs the Ravens.
  9. Oooooooooooook I'll be rolling him out there if he active.
  10. Why the hell would Zimmer even risk it? Is Dalvin trying to hit some yardage incentive or something? I still doubt he palys, but we'll see.
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