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  1. Team is tanking and should play with youth
  2. Maybe Poeltl is the best option out there? solid big who’s having a starting role and playing 25min a game. he blocks shots and is relatively efficient
  3. There are more question marks over Noel CAN Adams be traded away given his massive contract? And will they get a veteran big in return ? and of coz, there were many backup bigs who did well as a sub but can’t do well as a starter... There is no guarantee
  4. In a deep league (14-teams roto), I desperately need a big, was wondering how do u rank these guys? these are on waiver wire - Poeltl - Marc Gasol - Zubac - Theis - Biyombo - Nerlens Noel I like the prospect n situation of Poeltl, and he’s trending up; Zubac n Noel are good prospects but they are having problems getting playing time; Biyombo is the only defensive C in Charlotte? Marc Gasol hurts my FG% and isn’t rebounding much. I m thinking: Poeltl, Noel, Zubac, Theis, Biyombo, Marc Gasol
  5. Noel, Poeltl, Theis, Zubac pretty much in similar position N remember Biyombo ? Probably a better defender than Noel , good impact sub but never deliver when he’s given starting min I like Poeltl (n his situation) the most out of the 5 mentioned bigs
  6. If it was a blowout win, they would’ve let him play more ... instead of having Adams there i think his minutes is around 17-20 a game anyway Doubt Adams can be traded given his contract
  7. he is averaging 25min in last few games maybe a better rebounder than Noel n higher FG% starter with less competition too
  8. Jakob Poeltl isn’t a bad idea starting n not much competition when they play LMA at PF I think can be as good as Noel
  9. I think Poeltl is in a similar situation as Nerlens Noel, and he is getting starter minutes gradually Zubac is one injury away from being relevant
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