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  1. Team is tanking and should play with youth
  2. Maybe Poeltl is the best option out there? solid big who’s having a starting role and playing 25min a game. he blocks shots and is relatively efficient
  3. There are more question marks over Noel CAN Adams be traded away given his massive contract? And will they get a veteran big in return ? and of coz, there were many backup bigs who did well as a sub but can’t do well as a starter... There is no guarantee
  4. In a deep league (14-teams roto), I desperately need a big, was wondering how do u rank these guys? these are on waiver wire - Poeltl - Marc Gasol - Zubac - Theis - Biyombo - Nerlens Noel I like the prospect n situation of Poeltl, and he’s trending up; Zubac n Noel are good prospects but they are having problems getting playing time; Biyombo is the only defensive C in Charlotte? Marc Gasol hurts my FG% and isn’t rebounding much. I m thinking: Poeltl, Noel, Zubac, Theis, Biyombo, Marc Gasol
  5. Noel, Poeltl, Theis, Zubac pretty much in similar position N remember Biyombo ? Probably a better defender than Noel , good impact sub but never deliver when he’s given starting min I like Poeltl (n his situation) the most out of the 5 mentioned bigs
  6. If it was a blowout win, they would’ve let him play more ... instead of having Adams there i think his minutes is around 17-20 a game anyway Doubt Adams can be traded given his contract
  7. he is averaging 25min in last few games maybe a better rebounder than Noel n higher FG% starter with less competition too
  8. Jakob Poeltl isn’t a bad idea starting n not much competition when they play LMA at PF I think can be as good as Noel
  9. I think Poeltl is in a similar situation as Nerlens Noel, and he is getting starter minutes gradually Zubac is one injury away from being relevant
  10. 2nd consecutive start but against Embiid ... won’t be easy there Hopefully Greg POP understands this n still start him next game.
  11. Still getting some Rebs, Assists and Blocks at half time
  12. Like what I saw but looks like he’s averaging 21min Per game , time share with Kanter and Time Lord?? same situation to many starting bigs this season. They won’t play more than 25min a game
  13. Bryant is the only time protector out of the four I think we don’t have to worry too much
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