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  1. Yea I think that also makes the most sense. I'm hesitating because I blew a chunk of FAAB on MVS this week, but at this point it's a sunk cost.
  2. Looking to pick up Logan Thomas to fill in for Kittle if he's a no-go, but I'm a bit uncertain which WR/RB to drop. Bench consists of: Ruggs, MVS, Watkins, Phillip Lindsay, & Jeudy I have Kamara, Hines, Moss/Singletary for RBs, so I feel ok dropping Lindsay, but I feel like he'll have decent FLEX value when he returns. Ruggs/MVS/Watkins/Jeudy all seem sorta boom or bust depending on the matchup and situation. Kinda of unsure which direction to go and would appreciate suggestions.
  3. Agreed. Even if KA stays healthy all year, he can certainly put up enough value to justify a $1 bid. I'm really not sure why he's been so over-looked
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