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  1. Same here, pivoted back and forward between PIT and TEN, as soon as the games started at 12 I knew I made the wrong choice. But looking back, PIT could win the division (I think), came off two losses, CIN hasn't won against the Steelers for I don't know how many years, third string QB. It's unbelievable. I should have known better to never pick a Monday, Sunday or Thursday night game and I tried to avoid divisional games (specially the away team). We started out with about 7600 people, $5.00 entry fee, pot of about 38k, I could have been one of the 130 that would have been left to compete.
  2. If I were you I would stick with BAL and PIT, you made it this far, why would you take the risk? I would think that the Raiders will win that game too, but I think the other two would be my choice
  3. Need 52 points (full point PPR) from Lamar and Hollywood, Steelers sucked *ss last night, ESPN gave me a 7% chance to win hahaha.
  4. Got a sleeper notification that he did not practice today
  5. On Monday night the score between me and my opponent was 116.05 vs 115.86 in his favor, I was a little pissed, but oh well, still 2-2. This morning, without even thinking about a stat correction it ended up being 115.92 vs 115.96, I won by 0.04 points. I never won or lost by such a small margin. Last year we would have tied, but we changed the scoring to two decimals behind the point. That's my cool story
  6. I think, since KC will have to win, that this is your best pick. In my big league, which I'm out of, there is 5 people left. They have to pick a winner and then 5 more winners (teams they haven't picked yet), and they have to win in the order you picked them(you are out if you first tie breaker team loses).
  7. Yes I would take Denver over Atlanta, JAX and ATL are just to up or down for me.
  8. I'm out too, I still can't believe that CAR lost. In your first two drives you score 14 points, then you still have a change to tie it up and fail to score from the one yard line, unbelievable. This was in the last 4 weeks my sure fire win, other weeks I went back and forwards between teams. I'm glad that I wasn't contemplating between teams, that's the worse if you pick the wrong team.
  9. Hahaha nah, it's a lot of luck (like all of fantasy football is)
  10. It's $5.00, the winner gets $57,800.00, I won this league (well me an 11 others) 4 years ago. In week 17 we had to pick a winner like in the other weeks, but as a tie breaker you had to pick 5 more teams (not previously picked). As an added difficulty they had to win in order, so if your first tie breaker team lost then you are out. I remember that I picked the Steelers in week 17, they had made the play offs already and rested all their offensive starters. Game went into overtime (at that time I already know I won all my tie breaker games) and CLE had plenty of changes to win, but PIT finally
  11. 42 out of 11,560, leaning CAR this week.
  12. It's been a weird couple of weeks, Saints got lucky. I think the CAR messed it up to throw the ball instead of trying to run down the clock, oh well it is what it is. I picked PIT and was sweating until the fumble recovery.
  13. Took PIT, regretted it right away, but they pulled it off. It’s been a crazy season so far. Now I can use CLE against CIN in week 14. But I was sweating!
  14. I already used NO, but if I would still have them I would choose them. I want to pick either CHI or PIT, their defenses can win these games for them, just worried about both offenses. Most "experts" say CLE is the team to go with (or NO).
  15. If Stafford wasn't injured I probably would, I'm going back and forward between CLE, CHI and ATL, I can't trust PIT, I know CIN is bad, but you would think that they want to win at least one game, what would be a better win against their divisional arch enemy.
  16. They are 1-5 in their last 6 games (I think), They lost against OAK, NO, PHI, LAC and LAR, not the worst teams and won against DET. I think you could go with them, I might even go with them. I think if week 10 didn't happen I would have been a lot more sure about my choice for this week.
  17. Any takers on ATL, although that would be worse then picking CLE or PIT
  18. This is a tough week, do I trust CLE to beat Miami or PIT beating the Bengals, CHI against NYG.
  19. I wish I still had MIN, I think both teams will win, but I would pick MIN, since this is not a divisional game and AZ did pretty well at home against the 49ers. My pick will probably be OAK, since I have neither MIN or SF
  20. For the people that are still in a survivor pool, who is your pick this week? I used MIN and SF already, so I'm leaning towards OAK.
  21. There where 649 entries left on Sunday morning (out of 10k+ entries) in our 56k pot, I picked NO in week 1 so they where off the table. I had IND as my pick, but I changed my mind before the games start to BAL, now there are only 60 entries left. The Dolphins are a strange team.
  22. You are probably right, I'm a little bias because I got burnt by the Rams in a few pools when they lost against Tampa. The Bengals are garbage
  23. I agree, I was sweating a lot more last week in the BUF game, that's why I'm hesitant picking the Steelers (TJ Watt might miss this game). I'm also hesitant on the Rams, which Goff are we going to see? I'm glad I pick MIN, even though this game was closer then it had to be
  24. I'm impressed with his work attitude, I'm glad that his schedule is getting easier [...]
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