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  1. perhaps, but i dont believe anything a coach says about anything whiz showed me enough today
  2. it would be cool if he was just garbage but he's not even going to get the chance to show whether he's garbage or not unownable
  3. na but if GB/DET get their offenses clicking they could easily get up big and next thing you kno LSH is playing the entire game
  4. welp after reading this, selling him for anything i can get probably wont even play next week
  5. i'm sure they'll make it a point to get LSH passes because otherwise what's his purpose honestly i don't even think they're going to give powell a chance to do anything, his touches will be far too limited it'd be nice if they force fed him like DET did LeShoure's 1st game back tho
  6. yea if he gets 10+ non-ppr (long shot) i'm selling HIGH asap. so many RB-desperate owners out there
  7. "Beat writer Kent Somers believes the Cards "will have to add a back," naming Joseph Addai, Tim Hightower, Steve Slaton, and Cadillac Williams as possibilities." "let's add a washed up, slow footed RB and put him behind the worst O-line in the NFL!!!"
  8. i agree but here come the "I HAVE A LIFE!!! I DONT HAVE TIME TO CHECK THE LG EVERY DAY!!" guys
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