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  1. For those that have both Mostert/Wilson, what are y’all doin? Avoiding all together? I really want to play one, but there’s definitely risk with both.
  2. I think the Steelers realized he's the best WR they have at getting open and threw him back out there, drops or not. JuJu is not a #1, and Claypool is still wet behind the ears.
  3. This is what you get when you force Wilson in there.
  4. Alex Smith has some rare condition where he can only see 5 yards downfield. I'd rather Haskins be out there. At least he has some balls to throw it deep.
  5. Ugh this Washington offense is going to be so ugly without Gibson. RIP Scary Terry.
  6. Typical Alex Smith. 3rd and 11 plenty of time in the pocket? 3 yard pass.
  7. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/steelers-washington-tv-coverage-map-nfl-monday/1apahd1agw7is1b3o5eq0juqfl
  8. Isn't it a penalty to take off with the ball after waving for a fair catch?
  9. "Joe Mixon will return if full healed" says the same guy that pegged Mixon as week to week like 2 months ago.
  10. At this point he's as good of a weekly TE play as anyone not named Kelce or Waller.
  11. I dropped. Are you really going to trust him in the playoffs if he magically played?
  12. Right but again that assumes he could support both Diggs and Fuller. I'm not so sure. Then again, Kirk Cousins made it work so perhaps there's hope.
  13. I wouldn't want a Bills version of Will Fuller at a WR25 pace across 16 games.
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