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  1. [...] Fingers crossed for 10.5+ pts here, not sure why they aren't leaning in him more instead of qb play
  2. Great stash imo, I picked him over Lazard actually
  3. Alex smith taking over is going to suck. He literally only looks to throw to JD, it's annoying
  4. If jaire alexander is out next week Chark will be online for another great matchup
  5. Is this finally the week? Peterson on Parker, cb fitzpatrick who was already bad is out , gaskin out, likely trailing to zona and need to throw this week
  6. Any practice news on this guy? Has good matchup this week
  7. I'm going with denver this week, even over the chargers. They've been racking up sacks and not giving up big plays which Herbert is relying on
  8. My worry us scott balls out and when Mike's returns they reduce his volume bc he's been injured twice now
  9. Oops what? Day to day? I'd do it over again with this news. I got good return in 2/2 leagues and skip his bye. It's situational, I'd be looking to sell if I'm in must win mode of looking to buy if I know I have playoffs locked up
  10. I jumped ship. He's a trade target for playoff teams and a sell for people fighting for a spot imo
  11. I dropped him, but hoping to get him back before week 12
  12. He's wide open every game. The problem is Foles can't even come close to hitting him
  13. Week 1 he was our of the game for a fair amount if time with an injury. He's been normal jake's white except for this week. Personally I'm going to hold through the Buffalo game, he should be a focal point
  14. Even if Coleman plays I ecirct him to look like the jag he is. I expect hasty to force his hand just like mostert did
  15. Right now on PFF hendo is the highest graded rb. People seem to forget how talented hendo is and that the rams traded up in the third rd last yr to get him.
  16. Coleman is the JAG, but is a vet in this system so should get first crack. Hasty looks anything, but a JAG
  17. Just know that if you drop him people are likely going to be trying to grab him after this week bc he has a good matchup week 9
  18. I don't think he steps into the drake role, but still a good pickup incase something happens to edmonds
  19. Nah Mostert is like tyreek hill speed at rb
  20. I'd rank them: Aiyuk- due to deebo injury Beasley- he just keeps producing Shepard Higgins Smokey Agholor
  21. Lockett easily for me. Less competition and DK has a horrible slate of cbs to face. Lockett should feast on #2cbs rest of season
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