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  1. Trade dinwiddie+Harrell recieve Teague+Randle whir Leave link
  2. Yes harrell 2 year deal teague 3 year deal
  3. Jeff Teague and a 2020 first for Montreal Harrell 30 team league
  4. Traded a 1st rounder 2019 for him in a 30 team league. I saw that he was carving out a role on the rockets so had to jump on him. He’s been getting over 20 mins in the past 4 games. Shots not falling right now but they will come.
  5. Lmao he carried you in assist this week - 16 from an off position like center? Jesus Christ - can’t satusfy everyone
  6. Guess all the haters are gone now. Picked him up in a 30 team dynasty real life salary cap. Such great value.
  7. Who is buying Porter for points? He dominated Stocks and that’s what everyone was counting on lol
  8. It was effectively: Ty Hilton Chris Thompson Carolina Defense for Lesean McCoy Devin Funchess Chicago Defense I Have Andrew Luck for the WR/QB stack. Chicago was an amazing hold but when your starting WRs before trade are Corey Davis and Devin Funchess - you have to make a trade. Targeted TY the whole way even with the hamstring injury.
  9. With any of those teams - I feel they would force pressure and cause turnovers. They have already faced GB this season. That being said - I just traded away the Chicago Defense. Was a fun ride!
  10. Khalil Mack’s presence in this defense has solidified their value. They are exceeding all projections each week. They are as close to set and forgot as you can get. The only troubling part is their schedule during Fantasy playoffs (GB,LAR)
  11. I'm new to fantasy basketball (been playing fantasy football for years) but which players are ideal pairings for Jokic in a standard 9 Category league? I selected him with my first round pick. thanks for the help!
  12. possibly interested Chris.daza@gmail.com would like information about the 2 teams players!
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