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  1. hope he comes back to form in time for playoffs wishful thinking
  2. Wonder if mins restricted Holmes is better than Mikal for playoffs
  3. Is he a better own than Mikal? Cam seems to get more usage and also has the stocks upside.
  4. why is his usage still so low with Oubre out? I would've thought he would get a few more shots going his way
  5. They've been playing Rui at the 5 for small ball lineups so not sure if Bryant has the path to 30 minutes with Wagner also taking in 20mins. My guess is he will be in the low to mid twenties range depending on how effective he is on the day.
  6. He might be on a serious minutes limit. Not sure if that will be good for playoffs.
  7. If he dont play b2b then he will essentially have a 2games per week in weeks 23 and 24 which is standard league semis and finals in yahoo. Wonder if his 2 games will be better than a streamer in 8teamers
  8. I'm really wondering if he is approaching must own in 8team. Although his cats can be streamed
  9. I guess full workout isnt really a full practice so not sure if he can return next week
  10. Is he must own in 8team? Or rather stash Holmes
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