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  1. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/savant-player/joey-votto-458015?stats=statcast-r-hitting-mlb Looking pretty optimistic on statcast.
  2. One look at his 2020 game log shows that he allowed 7 runs in the first 4 outings. After that he only had one other outing that allowed runs. Also Kimbrel mentioned he wasn’t ready for 2020 season start. Here’s the game log: https://www.fangraphs.com/players/craig-kimbrel/6655/game-log?position=P&gds=&gde=&type=0&season=2020
  3. May 4th. Heard someone named Guillermo Heredia is getting the call.
  4. Logan Webb in the 7th with lead 1 2 3 with a K.
  5. Velocity was down in this one..Let's play our old favorite, What's Wrong With Strasburg?!? NOT THE REAL ALICE - WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, STAYS IN VEGAS - TUNNEL'S OF ST. LOUIS - LET IT SNOW TUNNEL'S OF ST. LOUIS https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/nationals/davey-martinez-nationals-had-most-our-guys-vaccinated-monday WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, STAYS IN VEGAS https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/coronavirus-numbers/washington-nationals-players-johnson-johnson-covid-vaccine/65-7b941f3b-c75a-4a3d-aac3-873b3873a410 NOT THE REAL ALICE https://www.federalbaseball.com/2
  6. Egregiously and with much I shame agree. Lolol Old man river gonna ruin this kid (that better?)
  7. Blame Vaughn. Blame Yermin. LaRussa is being cool trying to get him in LF when he sucks at it. There is no MILB season until May 4th. Engel comes back in 2 weeks or so. His window might close after the next few series if he doesn’t start slugging a bit more often than striking out (30%). Approach seems good with 4.9 p/pa and .400 obp. Just needs to hit his pitches. But very sss. In any case, Vaughn owners need to hope at some point Yermin turns into Chris Shelton and while he still has a chance to stake claim to the DH slot. Doubt he plays vs Bieber today.
  8. Google is amazing: https://www.jsonline.com/story/sports/mlb/brewers/2021/04/08/brewers-reliever-devin-williams-being-eased-back-into-action/7137584002/
  9. Still a better option Josh Rojas. These ST hype MI’s flopped so far.
  10. Staumont had Covid early in camp so that may explain why he hasn’t been in to start the season as much as anticipated. And yea, he needs to show improvement in his 3rd season with the control. Even if he’s a late inning guy, KC usage is totally unpredictable at this point and you can prob pencil him to 3rd or 4th out from closing depending on how you see Barlow and Wade Davis.
  11. Benched Tues and now Thurs. Seems like a open competition at this point.
  12. Vaughn will be fine, he's sporting a .350 OBP and hasn't even gotten going yet.
  13. Sims wants to close too, he just didn’t yap it up. Instead he’s just showed it with his performance. Holland implosion ...lol
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