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  1. Not someone I can bring myself to draft again next year. He started the season out on a tear, but just like last year, he really faded after the first half of the year.
  2. Talk about a gut wrenching way to end the season. I needed Marquis Brown to score less than 11.24 points last night to survive and make the playoffs. He was sitting at 1.1 points at the 2 minute warning in the 4th quarter, and I finally started to breathe a little easier. I thought I had survived terrible days from James Conner, Zeke, Lockett and Engram. Of course, the next play, Jackson comes out and throws him a long TD where he gets just enough yardage to pass me. I lose by 0.78 points and my season is over. I lose to someone who didn't even set a lineup and could not make the pla
  3. Right, and it makes it frustrating because people still seem to think Lockett is a must start. I suppose earlier on you could have traded him to someone valuing his name for another WR2 or something like that, but now you can't do anything with him. You can't trade him for anyone and you can't drop him or even bench him because he may go off for 30 points. If you take that one monster game away from him against AZ, he's had a pretty mediocre/unstartable year and would basically be WW fodder.
  4. Conner is still the best RB on the Steelers, but what's bizarre is how the Steelers are basically abandoning the run the moment they fall behind. They were only down by 2 points at the half yet Conner played maybe one series in the second half before they abandoned the run and played only Samuels when they did have a RB in the game. It's so frustrating since Conner was a decent RB2 most of the season to watch him be game scripted out over and over. Even more frustrating since he's been a good pass catching RB and now it seems the Steelers only want Samuels in the game in a passing situat
  5. Hollywood Brown to score less than 11.24 points in half PPR. It's possible but I am pretty worried.
  6. It just seems like Pitt has decided to not bother to run the ball at all anymore - and other teams are catching on.
  7. He's a boom or bust WR3. I'm not sure why experts have him near the top 10 every week.
  8. I don't get it either. 2 years ago, he caught a lot of passes and this year it seems like he's only used on running plays. Or not used at all, like tonight.
  9. I just have no confidence in starting him this week in a must-win situation. The Steelers seem content throwing 55 times a game and Ben no longer checks it down to Conner as he did in 2018. Hard to gamble that will change this week.
  10. I picked him up off waivers today. With the wasteland that is the RB position this year, if he comes back and plays as he did before, he's a decent RB2 in PPR
  11. I understand that overall, Lockett is a WR1, but the majority of his games are under 10 points in half PPR. Really frustrating.
  12. Playing against a 4-7 team in a must win to keep my playoff hopes alive, my opponent manages to have season best or near season best games from Chubb, AJ Brown, and Debo Samuels. Meanwhile I lose Conner and Taylor to Covid and am forced to start Brian Hill and have big yardage games from Engram and Parker but no TDs, and Adams only catches one pass after halftime.
  13. Well, looks like he'll be in my lineup this week with Fitzpatrick starting
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