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  1. Lost by 2 points with Houston in my lineup and carolina in my bench. Well deserved.
  2. Started Houston defense and left carolina on the bench. There goes the ship probably.
  3. Houston or Carolina are my options, should I flip a coin? Any insight?
  4. Officially inactive. Rest our 2020 Season Fantasy Lord.
  5. Against this Lions defense I could play RB and look like a HOF.
  6. Now McGlennon is named starter. I don't think anyone can risk starting him this week if you have another decent option. Thank you James - this was an incredible ride.
  7. I'm concerned with the matchup next week - not because of Diontae's, but we'll see how Roethlisburguer plays against Colts defense.
  8. Half ppr, need 9 points from Diontae. Just hoping he doesn't drop the damn football.
  9. So be it. Not benching the stud that took me where I am.
  10. Played in one league against Lamar Jackson, Miles Sanders, J Taylor, Allen Robinson and Kelce. Ouch.
  11. I would love to see this kid numbers if we take into account, let's say, 75% of the points he has had negated due to penalty. C'mon man.
  12. He is a beast, but if the Derrick Express starts adding 4-5 catches a game we're talking about serious business here.
  13. Starting him as my WR3 over Antonio Brown and Watkins.
  14. 13 targets!? I think some week winning performances are coming soon.
  15. Giants are on bye and perhaps a FA - go get them for next week, playing the Bengals.
  16. Ravens expected to be without two important DL players today.
  17. Anyway he will probably wait to see if Robinson falls to 6th round to pick him.
  18. He could have a dud any week with the options Steelers have but you have to be really loaded at WR to bench this guy.
  19. If anyone had any doubt I think it's clear now he's set and forget. I don't care about the matchups or the game script. He's a RB1. I love watching this kid play and he really looks like an above average talent RB in this league.
  20. It's obviously a deep league add. The guy is trending upwards in usage and YAC is insane.
  21. I would try to get KJ Hamler before he's in someone's else roster.
  22. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/tom-brady-will-feature-antonio-brown-early-and-often-in-buccaneers-debut-vs-saints/ Choo choo!!
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