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  1. I wouldn't trade Kittle, I feel that may come back to bite you. But if you're targeting Conner, then you have to include him. Hopefully he turns that down and you counter with Hock/Williams for Ekeler. That's a fair trade.
  2. I would do it given your RB inventory. Michel could win you the league.
  3. I would hold off on a trade until we see what Ronald Jones does week two. You do need an RB to step up though this season -- or make a trade.
  4. If it's PPR, I might lean toward Gallup. But all things considered, I like Montgomery.
  5. I would do it...in PPR or even 0.5pt. Otherwise...no.
  6. I'd rather have Breida/Mostert. And I'd take a chance on Brown.
  7. I don't love the trade but because you have such a good inventory of RBs, I'd do it.
  8. I don't see any reason why you should make that move right now. Too early. I'd wait to see how things pan out. Your WRs seem fine to me and Minny isn't really throwing the ball that much this year--or at least that's what we heard and that's what they did week one.
  9. Your help is greatly appreciated and the favor will be returned. So I managed to pick up Terry McLaurin on waivers this week to bolster my WR squad. Now...how should i start in FLEX: Terry McLaurin Tyler Lockett Matt Breida Also, at QB, debating where to start Matthew Stafford (against the Chargers) or Kirk Cousins (against the Packers). And finally, I'm looking to fill my second WR and FLEX spots in another league. Who makes the cut: Julian Edelman Stefon Diggs Sammy Watkins Dede Westbrook THANKS!
  10. Diggs for sure. I’d lean toward Anderson over Thomas. Ajayi is the wild card. Up to me, I’d roll with Anderson. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687345-wdis-whir/
  11. McCown and keep Gordon on the bench one more week. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687345-wdis-whir/
  12. Alfred Morris against perhaps an inspired NY Giants team playing at home? Mike Davis, a bellcow against a tough Jacksonville D? Peyton Barber vs a solid Detroit D, with the possibility of Martin returning? WHIR!
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