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  1. (Half glass full) Lindsey gets the Eckler role which with his size, is probably best. Royce is Justin Jackson. Gordon is a pretty good goal line back. A lot of his stock will depend if he acquires that role again. I'd guess a mid RB2 by years end.
  2. I'm really scratching my head trying to figure out why teams are trying so hard to get Tom at this point in his career. Did I miss something last year because I thought he played mediocre at best... Then in two years you have to find another QB because he'll retire... I just don't get it... Patriots proving to be smarter than everyone else once again, apparently it just takes common sense.
  3. I didn't realize far superior meant having a worse completion percentage, worse rating, worse QBR, and 1000 yards less rushing. However, he did have more passing yards on 83 more attempts (one less game) and one less pick so maybe you all are hanging your hat on that? You all seem to forget how mediocre he was this year. He peaked at the right time which is what you want but I'm still standing by him not being "far superior".
  4. In my opinion, its a little rich to say he's "far superior". Don't be fooled by the outcome, Mahomes made some questionable to bad plays last night that most everyone will overlook. I also don't think its fair to compare players when one teams supporting cast is outmatched and more inexperienced. Kelce>Andrews, Hill>Brown, Watkins>Snead, Hardman>Boykin, Williams=Ingram. That being said, I do think Mahomes is a better passer and I look forward to seeing these guys go at it for years to come!
  5. Woodworking projects. Contemplating new kitchen cabinets even though I know I’ll hate myself for trying to attempt it.
  6. lol Way to cherry pick. Good teams never have down games right. I'm not even disagreeing with your original argument. I think they are worse than the public perception but they aren't terrible either. Its going to be a competitive game but I'll take Rogers in primetime over Cousins any day.
  7. I think Green Bay plays up and down to their competition, while doing just enough to get wins. This will be a competitive game and Green Bay will be ready.
  8. Should be interesting to see where he's ranked. Maybe the Melvin Gordon range?
  9. Jace Sternberger and Dawson Knox for TE needy teams
  10. A lot of negativity and pessimism about his ROI next year when we have no idea what his ADP will be. I think a lot of skeptical people might push his ADP down as he's still not a household name. Some counter points: 1. Size, speed, athleticism. 2. 1st year starting at TE. Chemistry bound to develop with Carr 3. Additional WR help could free him up. 4. Positive regression in the TD column based on similar targets/yards. 5. Just got paid 6. Moreau concern. Ertz and Goedert are doing just fine. In fact, this seems like something Chucky would be in to. 7.
  11. Maybe a reach but Jarrett Stidham if Brady continues his nose dive throughout the rest of the season. Jarrett had a little hype during pre-season.
  12. If anyone is really bitter against this guy because he didn't fulfill your fantasy standards. You're an a**. Best of luck to Josh, hope he finds the help he needs and succeeds through other avenues in life.
  13. Should've said "knock on wood if you're with me" because I'd knock the damn door down on this.
  14. Don't feel bad, he splits outside on occasion.
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