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  1. Lol, I did the 1st time, but now it weirds me out for some reason 🥴
  2. just a weird visual of CHris Berman singing along to SHania Twain, lol
  3. I've only played on ESPN and Yahoo (and CBS, but it was so long ago I don't remember, lol), so I can only compare the two, but Yahoo's way better than ESPN, at least in terms of efficiency, IMO, less clicks to find all the pertinent info I need, compared to ESPN
  4. Good friend of mine, a Chiefs fan, was up 25 in our league Finals (with keepers for the 1st time this year) going into SNF and it didn't look good. Her Diggs vs. opp's Allen, Henry and Davis. But she got pretty much best case scenario from SNF with the Davis goose egg and while 98 from Henry isn't terrible, no TD's was huge, made it a 15 pt lead going into MNF, Diggs vs. Allen. Of course, Allen rushing TD's would be brutal for my friend, or otherwise passing TD's to anyone not named Diggs. By a certain point last night the deficit was only 3 or 4 pts in our scoring system, as Diggs hadn't
  5. He hasn't posted since the TD, he either passed out or is going crazy celebrating (I'd be doing the latter if it were me), lol Whoops beat me to it, lol
  6. Agreed, need <11 pts from Singetary to get 1st pick next year, lol
  7. Man 3 GB TD's an none to Tonyan Harding... thankfully Titans keeping it a game and get the ball to start the 2nd
  8. Of course Gallup for once doesn't drop any passes and has his best game of the year against me, for f***s sake
  9. How about a 74 yd TD pass to DeSean Jackson? Thought I was in 2009 for a second, lol
  10. 35 yds from Dalton to Cooper is a good start, lol
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