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  1. He was rolling along with Fulgham before pederson went full blown idiot.
  2. Hopefully, Reich won't be calling stupid plays where Wentz lines up as a WR on 2 & 9 and they gain 1 yard rushing the ball.
  3. The owner might want to address the QB situation. Wilson is correct. He gets no help on the Oline.
  4. Wow, you got some serious reading comprehension issues.
  5. 'Evolved'. It's on the verge of 2 hand touch. While you live in your little fantasy world, I'm pointing out reality.
  6. The # of 35 and older QBs is at an all time high. 7 in the playoffs. Never before happened. They last 10+ easy now. Other positions don't simply because of the pounding they take. Remember back when you could tackle the QB? Maybe you aren't old enough to remember real NFL football. Back when $ didn't drive the rule changes. We have 2 QBs in 2020 that are over 40. Neither would have been playing at 35 if they played in the era of tackle football. He's benefitting from the era of sissyfied NFL. He can curl up in the fetal position (which he does as did Manning) and not get punished. He can throw
  7. You would have lost in the playoffs like the previous year. Ne was heading south and Brady knew it. The Bucs were a vastly superior team, missing a franchise QB. That's why he left NE and signed there.
  8. He didn't have the option of running from a franchise on the downtrend for one that was a franchise QB away from the super bowl. No chance in hell Brady wins it again playing for the Patriots.
  9. Arians telling the truth. He didn't do a damn thing.
  10. Maybe but this team was not a 7-9 team last year. They were a playoff team held back by a garbage QB.
  11. Anyone who didn't know the Bucs were a franchise QB away knows nothing about football.
  12. Andy Reid. He blows and is lucky Mahomes gave him a ring last year.
  13. Except the loss of your starting left & right tackles. The OL is a sieve.
  14. No because he wont be playing for the Brady discount.
  15. This was real NFL football. Brady would have been broken into pieces if he played back then.
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