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  1. Fair assessment. I think the waiver wire game is different than the drafting part of things.
  2. Lol. This was actually funny. I’m not mad at obj trade. And i agree For a thread that had no post since July to getting over a thousand views since i bumped, i feel it has made for good discussion and something to pass the time as we discuss our fake teams. Lol
  3. Completely agree with you. I feel that ALL strategies are pretty much equal and not one more superior than the other. In August you mainly heard you NEED 2 rb’s in first 3 rounds. And anything other was set up for failure.
  4. Went mahomes and kelce. Then juju and obj.
  5. I’m sorry I thought I was in an opinion forum were people come to share thoughts and discuss things. Not sure why you think I’m fighting against as most reply’s i am in agreement with the posters.
  6. Exactly my point.. any strategy works. just pointing out the notion of you MUST go rb/rb is overstated to say the least.
  7. Nope. They wont. I guess this is you attempting to be funny...
  8. Hating meaning advocating not to do it. Maybe I shouldn’t use “slang” as some people may not understand. They weren’t saying its a good strategy but we like this better. They were saying you can’t go past round 3 without 2 rb’s or you will be screwed.
  9. Exactly the reason why I bumped this thread. No need to abide by any strategy in particular rb/rb or 2 rb’s in the first 3 rds... that’s the only point I was trying to make. Rb/rb was seen as smart regardless who the rb’s were. You just needed two early.
  10. Trust me.. if you looked up this strategy this year almost 90% of “experts” at least that I seen would discuss it however recommend not doing it saying you need 2 rb’s in first three rounds.
  11. Yes you are right. Going rb/rb wasn’t a bad strategy. But nobody would have said anything to you during the draft if you went rb/rb. But anything outside of rb/rb is considered outside the box thinking. Which it shouldn’t be. Any strategy can work. That’s the main point I’m trying to get across.
  12. I agree all strategies can work. Again my point was the mere suggestion was look at as ridiculous and that rb/rb was the far superior strategy miles ahead any other thought.
  13. My point is that many people got hate, not for who they got but for the mere thought of thinking something other than rb/rb was smart. And yea those are my wr’s. I’m cool with them considering my qb and te play is one of the highest every week and where i “missed” at on wr’s, i hit on rb’s. Yes 12 team and must start 3 wr’s. 1 ppr.
  14. I agree. You could have not drafted the first 6 rounds and have the highest scoring team, if you picked the right players. So that goes to my argument. It’s not LAW that you must pick rb early..
  15. Yea I think you have to look at the players and who’s available and at what point of the draft. Most people were saying you have to get 2 rb’s in first 3 rds... like your computer will explode unless you draft 2 rb’s. I think we have good amount of data through these four weeks and we can forecast that maybe taking 2 rb’s is not always the best.
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