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  1. Woj said there is optimism he returns after the allstar break.
  2. From John Shea of the San Franicisco Chronicle: Giants Scott Harris had this to say in regards to prospects within the organization. “I think if the opportunity presents itself, we may start them with conservative placements but be totally open-minded to promoting them quickly because I don’t think we can underestimate the impact of going an entire year without playing in real competitive games against players from other organizations.”
  3. White out with a fractured toe so he will be out for a bit. Not that he impacted him much, but worth noting.
  4. Quickley has a probable tag. If he's available and you've got a spot for him it could prove to be a shrewd move. Owned in under 5% in yahoo.
  5. I watched from almost the start of the 3rd forward. I agree with the with you on Whiteside and everything else you said. I think he's top 75 as long as the stocks keeping coming the excellent fg%. Most importantly, 2 fouls! Albeit Bagley was guarding Jokic in the 3rd, but Holmes had him in the 4th and did record 1 foul against Jokic.
  6. Well, Holmes and Bagley fouled out due to Jokic which is what I am attributing Holmes' semi-low totals. A bit early to judge considering the matchup. 6 of 9 Holmes rebounds were offensive which is nice and he made a nice tip in to end the first half. For the record, I did not watch the full game.
  7. In 1/2 ppr, Ahmed gets the nod in points, but overall effort would go to Gaskins. My leagues settings is what I was going off of.
  8. Most complete game by a dolphins rb so far this season. He even added a reception. I'm probably looking too far ahead, but do we have anything to worry about if he another decent-good game with Gaskins eligible to return later? They have the Broncos, but afterword it's clear sailing with NYJ, CIN, KC, NE and LV. That's not a bad schedule for a rb in what looks to be an upstart offense with Tua at the helm.
  9. Traded: Fournette, Gibson and McKissic Received: Golladay, P. Williams, M. Gaskins 12 team redraft 1/2 ppr
  10. 12 Team 1/2 Ppr Team currently 1-1. I trade L. Fournette, A Gibson, B. Snell I receive K. Golladay, M. Gaskins, Preston williams Roster Qb: K. Murray Wr: DJ Moore WR: L. Shenaukt WR: J. Raegor Rb: M. Sanders Rb: K. Hunt Te: Z. Ertz BN M. Thomas BN A Lazard BN C Claypool BN S. Sheppard BN Antonio Gibson BN B. Snell BN JD McKissic
  11. Lots of lists has him ranked pretty high entering 2020. The trade of Randy Arozarena and Jose Martinez coupled with the loss of Ozuna has him aiming for a mid season call up at worst. His well balanced approach from both sides of the plate adds to most evaluators consensus of an above average player with the hope of evolving into an all-star. These same evaluators are concerned with lack of frame to grow into as he is already well built leading to a higher floor, but lower ceiling than most elite prospects. Watching some of his highlights shows a solid plate approach with mechanics to go along
  12. Maybe getting in before the rush. Deangelo moves to PG. He looked good in the preseason and the other warrior plays came away impressed with him. Tonight should show us where Stephs minutes go.
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