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  1. Tough start tomorrow against Cole but he is lined up for 2 starts given the Jays play 7 games this coming week.
  2. His situation reminded me of another pitcher leaving Pitts and immediately became a top 3 ace...Gerrit Cole.
  3. Reading comprehension, dude. I never said he will. I said hes has the UPSIDE, as in hes done it before unlike Gio who never has.
  4. Why not? Hes had 3 seasons of 30 Hrs and double digit steals of 11, 14 and 15 already and hes still only 27. Thats cool though. Love it when people here GUARANTEE future stuff like they can see the future or something, LOL
  5. Sneaky add as you can pick him up for nothing. IF the Yanks can fix his contact issues, that power/speed plays especially in that lineup, in Yankee Stadium. Seeing as 2B and SS are locked, a possible position for him would be 3B? He agreed to moved to 3B in Texas in ST. Gio Urshela is a nice player but he doesnt have the 30HR/15SB upside Odor has.
  6. The only time you do quantity over quality is if you have too many holes to fill and have a weak bench. That second offer is doodoo. When he comes back with offers again, bring up the first offer and tell him to replace one of them with one of the players from the second offer. All 3 players from the first offer are arguably better than any of the second offers, depending on what you need. If you need saves, insist on having Iglesias.
  7. Guess who's leading off tonight...
  8. The NBC Sports Edge app just came out and its got potential. Loads fast and has notifications...its looking like a nice replacement for the old Rotoworld app. I been using the FantasyPros app but their news arent exactly "Johnny-on-the-spot" and sometimes theres no updates for the late west coast games.
  9. There are always issues on opening days with scores, fantasy updates, etc.
  10. CBS scoring has been off all day. Gerrit Cole still has no stats, as an example.
  11. Thats exactly why they signed Bradley but he couldnt even win the job in ST. Alvarado is the next man up and while hes been lights out in ST, hes the only lefty in the pen which means he may not be saved for the save opportunities.
  12. Another plus for Pagan: Drew Pomeranz hasn't appeared in a Cactus League game since March 9 due to left forearm tightness. The good news is that tests revealed no structural damage and the hope is Pomeranz will be cleared for mound work sometime over the next week. Still, it's obviously not ideal and it's unclear whether the left-hander will be ready in time for Opening Day. Pomeranz is in the mix for saves in San Diego, although the club might not name a closer. SOURCE: MLB.com Mar
  13. Wow, you guys are really selling him short. When I grabbed Vladito in my keeper league years ago, I said to myself: Miguel Cabrera 2.0 Yes, he will be my Cabrera replacement. .348 / .442 / .636 / 1.078 with 44 HRs, arguably Cabrera's better MVP season in 2013.
  14. However its pronounced, it'll have to wait. He just got sent down to AAA.
  15. Both of those years show he was pulled from the rotation and pitched out of the pen in the 2nd halves. Starting pitchers have their set schedules and continuity. Some starters cant make the change to the bullpen, in season. I remember he'll start 1 game, then go back to the bullpen and start another game a week later. We'll see how he does in the 2nd half this year, being a full time starter and all.
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