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  1. As a Met fan, I remember a trade that haunted me for years...a Melvin Mora package for Mike Bordick. Mora went on to have several good seasons so its possible with Gimenez. I know losing Lindor suck but you guys have the Mets bad history on your side, LOL.
  2. TBF, Lindor and Jose Ramirez were home grown. Another thing Cleveland has going for them, most players leaving the Mets do better so theres that.
  3. LeGarrette Blount most recently, Stevan Ridley before him till he fumbled the job away. Point was it has happened. No clue why Harris wasn't used as such. Maybe the coaching staff knows he's delicate.
  4. Thats what everyone said about Sanders last week and look what happened.
  5. That's fantasy for you. Sanders does nothing in good matchups and in the worst matchup, he finally shows. To be honest, Hurts has helped.
  6. Gregg Williams got a lesson on how to play defense with a lead in the final seconds of a game.
  7. Hopefully its a shootout tonight with Sanders a big part of the offense.
  8. To be fair, Goedert just had 5 catches for 77 yards and a score last game with Wentz. I would take that from my TE every week.
  9. Prob just a maintenance day as the poster above stated. Ballage's ankle got banged up early in the game but came back in. Then close to the end of the game, it looked like he re-aggravated the injury. The bigger concern is whether or not Ekeler gets activated to play this week.
  10. Really now... The game we're all playing, the reason why we're all here and the reason why this forum exists is FANTASY FOOTBALL. Going by your logic, Trent Dilfer shouldve been a top 10, heck top 5 QB back in 2000.
  11. GB this week then couple of bottom barrel defenses Indy faces: Tenn, Houston 2x with Las Vegas mixed in.
  12. Defense needs to get healthy and maybe a couple more pieces.
  13. I've called out of work Tuesday mornings; couldn't sleep after losing the weekly matchup after Monday night football.
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