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  1. First year playing with Superflex. Lamar Is my keeper and i happen to land no. 1 pick. Do i go for Lamar/Mahomes stack at Qb slots or draft CMC and go with Lamar and more average QB?
  2. Well, my thinking was, maybe i should pick #2....im fine with CMC or Saquan, and i get to pick earlier on the way back incase someone falls? Unless CMC is much better than Saquan and will get same heavy load as last year?
  3. I got a choice to pick my draft position this year, but i haven't mocked much yet. I am being pressed to pick it by the end of the day. What are you guys opinions? Do i take #1 and call it a day? I tried 11 and saw what feels like more depth coming back to me in round 2/3? Thank you.
  4. Replacable? Waller is te5 Golloday wr 12 Carson is rb13 androgers is qb16. Now hopkinns is wr25 and tyreek hasn't even played. Thats what makes me cautious. Any other thoughts?
  5. I would do it granted you have another solid rb after breida and sing.
  6. Im the one giving up waller carson golloday and Rogers.....and getting tyreek and hopkins? Im having second thoughts.....should i destroy my depth to get these 2 studs? My other TE is hooper and hockenson, rbs are henry, fournett and pollard. Qb is lamar jackson, wrs are devanta adams, josh gordon and marquees brown.. Should i keep my depth or get these 2 studs? 12 team ppr.
  7. I really need rbs...my other rbs are eckler, michele, polard, mattison and white. Hes offering me Melvin gordon and juju for hopkins and tevin coleman. My other wrs are tyreek, edelman, mclaurin, and valdez vacantly. Whir ...ty
  8. Had my draft today....12 man.......he was still there in the 7th round. I couldn't believe it. I didn't plan on drafting him at all but in 7th i had to take him and then took eckeler in the 8th. I just hope he returns at some point.
  9. I have really ****ty wr (diggs,Hogan,wright) but deep on rbs.Would you take any of these offers? I'm the one with rbs and need wr.mike evans for kareemkeenan allen for devontadevante parker for lynch or gillisleeMy team:QB: mariotaRb:k.Hunt,Devonta/Coleman,marshawn,Gilislee.Wr: diggs, Hogan, Decker, Wright,AndersonTe: Gronk, engramI'm starting just 2 receivers....I think Evans and diggs would be nice....I can always start Devonta and lynch at rb and Gilislee or Coleman in flex?
  10. Huh why? It wasn't his fault...kid will be fine.
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