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  1. Guess starting David Johnson was a bad move, fantasy football sucks
  2. Really unfortunate timing, I was gonna start him over some established guys but I feel like it’s too risky now. I hope he plays and does well but there’s just too much risk involved. I almost prefer he sits and gets right for next week.
  3. His helmet is on and he’s wincing in pain just standing there
  4. He was limping badly on the sideline, hasn’t gone back in the game
  5. I’m excited to see Mclaurin against the Giants D next week
  6. Stop throwing to these crap receivers and stick with scary terry, he’s the only one worth a damn in that corps
  7. Maybe it’ll drive up targets for their tight ends...probably best to avoid and hope it’s not more than a week or two absence
  8. Who would step into his role while he is out?
  9. Do we think they sit him for a game or two here to allow him to heal up?
  10. Can we get back to talking about saquon please? It’s totally unfortunate timing for giants with Jones playing as well as he did. I guess we will know more tomorrow but Gallman should be a decent RB2 if you can get him for a couple weeks. He’s not horrible and if Jones has this playmaking ability he showed today then Gallman can be a useful piece especially with byes starting.
  11. Every play he throws from his back foot, can’t move the offense doing that kid
  12. Cooks has good value here too, Woods is the one losing out the most here, have to start benching for those rookie WR’s at this point
  13. Especially with byes coming up, I wouldn’t spend much in an auction but def worthy of an add
  14. Browns are too undisciplined to amount to anything
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