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  1. Nah I'm not making that deal given your team in fact I'd be taking a wr and probably Johnson fo get another rb1
  2. I would. Might help you this week and easily best handcuff so
  3. This is a question. Bell is getting no work in kc and brown has been washed up. We've seen this story for 3 years now
  4. Given depth id take a shot with any of them. Let him choose so he feels like he's getting the best deal
  5. Nope no way am I trading away an rb who is almost outscoring the qb coming back in the deal
  6. Id consider cook but would probably ask for a little of an upgrade at wr in the deal
  7. Kamara best player in the deal hands down. I don't do that unless I'm aslo getting a top 12 rb back as well
  8. 12 team ppr with 1 yearly keeper in round drafted last year. Robinson would be a 12 for me next year. I'm currently 4 and 2 with 2nd most points. Do I lose potential value next year to upgrade or stay pat (probably overthinking)? Qb: murray Rb:Henry, hunt Wr: hill, fuller Te: kittle Flex: Davis K: gould Def: rams Bench: Robinson, Gaskin, Henderson, harris, ruggs, marvin Jones (would be dropped), cam Am I overthinking things here?
  9. yeah fulgham should get alot of volume tomorrow night with no body else to even throw to really
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