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  1. The good news is you have two very good options this week. I'd lean ever so slightly toward the Packers. The bottom line is that Cleveland has been hemorrhaging points to opposing defenses all year. The Packers have plenty to play for – they know they need this one, and if they get it, Rodgers can take them home starting next week. I do like the Chargers and will be starting them myself in one of my leagues, but given the choice, I'd go Green Bay. Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687442-this-is-a-mess/
  2. Howard, Perine, Jets. I understand that Howard isn't an ideal start this week (see my thread below) – not with what he's done recently and with the matchup. Yet I still like him over Morris (who is a zero if gameflow doesn't go his way) and Davis (who's coming off an injury). Howard has enough of a track record to think he'll get touches. The Jets are playing well and the Broncos simply aren't. I understand Peterman had a nightmare debut, but that was against a fierce Charger D. I actually would consider starting the Bills D against the Colts if that's an option. Help?
  3. I think Carr has the edge here by a pretty good margin. Kansas City is in shambles, and their already horrid pass D now doesn't have their best CB (Peters). And yet the KC O should put the kind of production that won't turn this into a clock-killing ground game for Oakland. Start Carr with confidence. Help?
  4. I'd go Sanu. Neither is particularly desirable, but I can't imagine a big night from Funchess against that defense. That game has 13-9 written all over it, whereas you could see Atlanta and New Orleans going up and down the field. Help?
  5. Can't possibly bench Julio at this point. You'd really kick yourself if you got cute with it and sat him. For the second spot, plug in Hill now and monitor the situation in Oakland this weekend. If Cooper doesn't play, they will have to feed Crabtree, who's facing a horrific pass D – even worse with Peters suspended. You may consider Crabtree even if Coop does play. Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687442-this-is-a-mess/
  6. McKinnon's the safest bet at this point, but I would read up on how the Barber/Martin situation plays out leading up to gametime. Bottom line is that Martin was brutal and Barber was electric. It's one week, but it's rare you see somebody with that kind of workload, and the matchup's right for him too. Plug in McKinnon now and monitor. Help?
  7. Goodwin's an easy choice for me. Now that he has a decent quarterback, look out. Houston's pass D is bottom third against WR this year. Help? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687442-this-is-a-mess/
  8. Davis is the safest bet in my opinion (which would have been crazy to say two weeks ago). Hogan could be on a snap count, particularly with the division in the bag, and Dede's going against one tough D. The Jags run D can be had. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687442-this-is-a-mess/
  9. I think you get cute if you start Gordon over Dez, who's in a plus matchup. Gordon still has Kizer throwing him the ball. Kizer has been under siege all year, and GB is coming off a big defensive effort and is still in playoff contention. Help?
  10. One league (1/2 PPR) 1. Pick one RB: Crowell v GB, DMurray @ HOU, Henry @ HOU, Barber v DET, Forte @ DEN 2. Pick one TE: Olsen v MIN, SAnderson v SF, Njoku v GB Other league (non-PPR): 3. Pick three RBs: Howard @ CIN, JWilliams v CLE, Collins @ PIT, Barber v DET, Bernard v CHI 4. Pick one WR: RAnderson @ DEN, Baldwin @ JAX 5. Pick one TE: Olsen v MIN, Henry v WAS, SAnderson v SF I'm uneasy about a couple things. 1. That Doug Martin is back. 2. That Olsen will play limited snaps, faces a tough D and may get limited snaps. Henry is available on the wire in the one league, but can I start Allen, Henry and the Chargers D against my favorite team? LEAVE A LINK. HAPPY TO HELP!
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