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  1. Right! The fact that the Titans were down 2 scores the whole game and Tanny only had 24 attempts is mind numbing. AJB should of have had big numbers with that game script. That formula worked last year but the team has to come out of it's shell if they're going to compete with some of the top AFC contenders. [...]
  2. No Ozigbo at practice today. Could be heading for a full workload again.
  3. Right! Could you imagine if this guy got even 9 or 10 targets a game. Dude is a problem for defenses
  4. The talent is undeniable and Tanny is looking for him in the redzone, probably even more so if Jonnu misses time. My 2 concerns: They just lost their LT for the season to a torn ACL. Tannehill has a 110.5 QB Rating while under pressure this year, which ranks No. 1 among quarterbacks and that will certainly be tested against Blitzburg Their next 5 games: PIT, CIN, CHI, IND, BAL. I'm excited he's back but tempering expectations somewhat
  5. Wowza, yeah that was not ideal. Think they barely cracked 100 yds between the 2 QBs. Smith has been out of action for a while but dude already looks shell shocked. They need to go max protect and throw slants to T Mac all day
  6. yeah I'd be picking up Anderson and you can always flip him (although he's on the WW so maybe not) if you don't use him
  7. I would agree here. If we were drafting again, I'm thinking he's a pick at the 2/3 turn, maybe higher? Somewhere around where Fournette went in 2019.
  8. Trading for injured guys is always a risk since you don't know how they'll come back and perform. I'm hearing at least 4-6 on both these guys too so are you willing to trade depth for someone who may not start until week 11?
  9. Yeah I'm not trading Scary Terry, dude's a beast. If you can get Rodgers for Brown and Hock that makes more sense.
  10. Absolutely not. Those are some pretty funky rules, roster 2 kickers and 2 defenses???
  11. Love JRob but feel like you're giving up the best player in the deal in Mixon. Kelley is going to have a good chunk of the Chargers work for a while with Ekler being out at least 6 weeks Bell is an RB coming off injury on the leagues worst team. No thanks
  12. I agree with the other posters, I think it's a matter of if not when Conner gets dinged up.
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