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  1. Adrian Wojnarowski @awojespn1 Reporting with @JPStephensonNBA : The Lakers involved in the talking with Kanter too but Celtics is where he desires sources say ESPN... Quote Tweet
  2. I love Hogan's upside in a pass heavy offensive, no good RBs, with a defense that's terrible against the pass. Love his next 2 games again 2 decimated defenses.. then revaluate. I take Hogan over the 2 guys on teams that run the ball and play D, Taylor, Bortles. Seimen is decent, but they may be up by 30 pts this week courtesy of their D and Giants O new offense making mistakes.. If Giants somehow win, this would be more stunning than the Yankees coming back to beat Cleveland..
  3. No, 12 and a 14 team league. The Kid is a special talent, and the Jets have 3 WRs ahead of him. My point is if this kid every got a role, he is a WR at RB and can catch.. Remember Hybrid Woodhead years back.. Outside the box. NYblazer.You have over 2,200 posts and I will not post what everyone already knows. McKinnon, Mack, Breida, etc.. We all look at the same sht!!
  4. Tanner Gentry - WR - Bears Bears signed WR Tanner Gentry off their practice squad. Gentry spent a week on the active roster last month. The 6'2/209 UDFA had a strong preseason and gives the Bears some size. Add him Tanner to my Week 7 ahead list. Besides Wright, there was hot garbage.. Thompson cut today. To answer the TE question; Love Derby this week GMAN bleed points to TE's
  5. "I would like to know about your deep players. What everyone stated is caption obvious to most casual guys. Anyone in these forums is hardcore.. Anyone have anyone under 10% or 5% owned not listed above. Would love to get a deep wire each week, along with your classic standard.." I heard Vereen and Dede Westbrook as possible mentions. Respectable Any have insight into the Jets backup RB. to me Elihaj McGurie is JAG. anyone care to comment on the Week ahead strategy I took time to put together .. Isn't this what these forums are all about??
  6. Everyone always talks about the obvious. Let's talk who is going to be on the week 7 hotlist.. Loving to predict the wire a week early.. Who is backing up Elihaj McGurie. I hear ArDarius Stewart(WR) who had 2 carries for 12 yards is getting reps. He is a freak athlete, and can play everywhere.. I guess our friend Travis Cadet from NO is not catching on too quick and coaches hate Powell, now I know why.. can't handle volume.. Mack Brown on Washington. Kelly can't stay on the field, Perinine, I am not impressed at all and 2 fumbles already.. We all know happened to our friend Matt Jones. and
  7. Rod Smith will be the Hand Cuff. Runs the hardest, youngest and 3 down skill set. DMC Washed up, hence inactivity. Read Preseason notes fellas
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