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  1. worried that Dallas is so bad that MIN will just run all game
  2. someone can explain why the clowney hit on lock behind the line of scrimmage wasnt a sack?
  3. not sure how you can hesitate on this one considering the output Goodwin has been putting out since Garoppolo started, that being said, wrong place to have this discussion. As for Perine, I'm banking on WAS taking the lead in this one and Perine being pretty much the only option left to run the ball
  4. now before Williams injured we were saying how retarded Gase was to split carries evenly, do we really think he can go back to a 50/50 split after what Drake did? no way in hell someone can make that decision, he'd be simply begging to ride the short bus
  5. exactly why I'm hesitating as well, it seems Ajayi got his usage bumped up in the 2 last games since they were close ones and needed some juice at RB. If Eagles get a comfortable lead, hard to see why they'd take Ajayi to the ground for nothing, considering they have locked in a playoff spot...
  6. this right here, people discredit the Eagles for losing against SEA in SEA when they had 400yds of offense but don't look at what MIN did. Yes they won some important games, but some of them were not really impressive. Now, cue the "good teams figure out a way to win" BS but to me they are not the all-mighty top seed as all the Vikings fans would like to throne them. As of now, I think it's anybody's game, no clear-cut top dog
  7. Vikings fans are so annoying, always asking why don't they get respect and all that BS, stop chasing people's approval and simply be confident about your team if you really think they are SB bound. I, for one, am an Eagles fan and hated the hype we were getting during the past month, I'm almost glad they lost to the Seahawks so it stops all that nonsense. Now we have to face the "easy schedule" nonsense but hey, at least it puts you in a position to smash those retards' opinions.
  8. I don't own him in any of my leagues and hate everyone who does, having a kicker that delivers 15+ pts on a weekly basis is ridiculous. Props to those of you who landed on him, I know some teams are making the playoffs almost solely because of this guy.
  9. not a fan of his playoffs schedule but hey, still a pretty good pickup, he did look very good in the 2nd half, hopefully coaching staff realizes that this dude starts eating when given a decent amount of caries
  10. hindsight 20/20 around here, guy saying id rather have drafted ingram and ertz late for TE, bruh GTFO, everyone would, it was simply not that obvious at draft time, I got Gronk in the 3rd and looking at what got drafted in the 3-4th round, quite happy about that, Gronk still is a threat and an obvious advantage at TE
  11. kinda don't have a choice but to roll with him, banking on sh!ton of garbage time
  12. I think he's a great FLEX for 12+ team leagues, the upside he has every week by being part of this offense is worth it IMO, he can do everything
  13. lol @ people nitpicking his bad games trying to prove a point, he's still a top 10 RB and that's a fact. Risky perhaps but still a must start ROS. Quite simple. Not like we're saying we would rather have him than Gurley.
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