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  1. Yeah I woke up feeling this way too. Dropped Snell, this will be a hot mess if Conner goes down.
  2. Any update about that hammy? I know he came back but is it nothing or is it something.
  3. Gabriel Davis is also an intriguing add as well. He's performed well when called upon now with John Brown hurt again, he hurt his foot last week then his calf this week. Gabriel was the talk of camp, coaches love him and he's doing his thing when he's on the field.
  4. Jimmy Grahm with Foles under center is a good pick up
  5. Was trying to decide between the two, and I am feeling that McFarland would be the better cuff.
  6. [...] trying to figure out who the cuff to own will be. I have snell but kind of want some of that mcfarland action.
  7. As stated before there was no need for Cam to throw against the raiders. They were slamming it down their throat with the run and they couldn't do anything about it. Wish he would've gotten a goal line td but those will come. He was the decoy this week, better days coming boys. Definitely a buy low candidate if possible.
  8. Been getting targeted but man the lack of red zone targets is concerning. They don't look to him much around there, tee freaking higgins got 2 td's. Given they were both gimme's. But would like to see the Offensive coordinator place Boyd in this easy positions too. Give my guy a slant in the RZ too please.
  9. Just bought low on Gurley. I lost Saquon so Gurley was looking real sexy right now. Got my excedrin ready though.
  10. Anyone worried he's going to get nicked up soon. Evidence of todays game although he came back he did exit to the sidelines 2 times.
  11. He locked immediately when rosters opened back up. Dangitt.
  12. omg thats genius! What sucks is I had im in my 16 team league dropped him before the first games sunday started for a kicker. So now he's locked until wednesday because of me. Bonus I lost Saquon FML
  13. how can you add him before waivers process?
  14. Lost Saquon, 16 team league. Dobbins will be my RB2 until I can find someone to trade. Hope they start using him more, he looked great on his couple runs. But man they weren't really trying to spread any love to him yesterday. Gus Edwards looked good too. Pretty scared rn not gonna lie.
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