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  1. will the weekly moves reset this monday for Yahoo? or after week 1 is done
  2. Bad defense + Good Brady = Good Gronk. Expect more shootouts and big games for Gronk. If you're selling high it's strictly based off health, his per game production should be great all year. Right now he's probably the single biggest advantage in FF given how bad TEs have been.
  3. The Patriots defense looks horrible this year. Good for fantasy, expecting a lot more shootouts. Looking similar to Peyton's big year right now...
  4. before the season started i traded salazar and glasnow for taillon and keon broxton
  5. He's a gamble this week, not a sure bet to get 10+ carries. However, Cardinal's defense will keep this game close which should lead to a lot of running opportunities. Lots of run opps vs. the Bills is a good thing.
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