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  1. I wouldn’t play cam think it’s a coin flip between trubisky or rivers
  2. Must win game.1point ppr ertz , rudolph or fant plus I need to drop one because of swift possibly being out and grabbing ap. Also Schultz, reed, cook or frisker are on ww
  3. Mccaffery my rb 1 need a second rb between singletary or brown Josh Allen is my starting qb
  4. I have cook and picked up higbee and having a hard time deciding also. They are predicting higbee a top 5 finish this week so I might roll with him
  5. Zeke and cArson Adams and Moore flex one of brown or slayton , Buffalo d
  6. Have Cook who was full pratice but plays mon night picked up Gesicki because giants are awful against tes. Also on waivers is higbee. Who should I roll with 1point ppr
  7. Need 2 of the 3 ppr leaning on benching bell. Also have ekeler in my flex spot.
  8. Flex Slayton guys been killing it and Eli didn’t look bad. Bills dst is pick up mostert
  9. Brown big play guy then Washington long as Jacobs is out. I think laird will be good no other rb on Miami and giants just got crushed by a random dude on philly
  10. 1ppr not sure I can trust bell for semi finals looking to get Mostert off waiver also need qb and te help rest team is starting Qb fitz or pick up jimmy g, tannehill Rb singletary Rb Bell or mostert wr dj moore wr hill flez ekeler te have cook and engram but both might not play so looking to pick up Gesicki or higbee dst 49ers bench -m brown, Mclauren , Ronald Jones , powell , engram, cook
  11. 1pt ppr lost bell picked up powell but not sure starting Rb singletary Rb Powell wr dj moore wr hill flez ekeler bench - Ronald Jones, m brown, Mclauren , engram, bell thinking of starting ekeler in rb 2 spot and picking up Robby Anderson as flex or maybe laird as rb2 over powell or even repick up Sony michel and start over powell
  12. Moore’s been on fire gotta go with him then prob Kelce n sutton
  13. Maybe for laird wouldn’t for njoku
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