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  1. After the Blew Crew's 6th loss in a row ( and back 2 back to the Nats) he's probably out getting hammered!
  2. No Ray I was saying I didn't think the Cowboy defense would make it back to me in round 7.
  3. OK guys just because you don't know me that well it's OK to flame me. Thats gotta be the biggest reach of the draft so far.
  4. OK their not getting back to me and it is a return yardage league also. Dallas Cowboy Defense
  5. OK I might as well admit a loss in week 4. 15 - 1 will have to do I take Marvelous Marvin Harrison
  6. So much for taking a long lunch to make a pick. Back to work and probably won't be back on until 11 EST.
  7. OK guys I'm here until 7pm Eastern and then won't be on again until after 11pm EST. Hopefully we can get through my 5th & 6th round pick so I don't slow you down.
  8. Yes thanks you and RRF cleared it up. I do play in one lame league where they take the strategy out of playing matchups and they just use the highest scoring player on your bench as your bonus player.
  9. Question gents. Do we start our own bonus player every week or is he the highest scorer off the bench? And to doublecheck WR/RB only, no QB as a bonus player?
  10. Hopefully it's the USA today newspaper. The Sports Weekly fantasy baseball guide isn't bad for judging player dollar values but I was browsing through a copy of their football fantasy issue that came out last week and it may very well be the worst football draft guide in the entire universe.
  11. You just can't trust them damn Dodger fans. Roy Will is my breakout player of the year but I just couldn't bring myself to take him with my last pick and have 3 of my first 4 guys with week 4 byes
  12. OK Smith was my first choice. I'll take Matt Forte.
  13. I didn't see a place on the owners profile to enter a phone #. Hopefully Nick will pick within 45 min and I'll make my pick before I leave for work and then if someone text's me when pick 5 comes around again I should be able to get online and make my pick within 30 min of getting texted. Ray do you have my #?
  14. Anyone know if Nickalero is around? Would like to make my fourth round pick before jetting off to work
  15. My dumbazz should have taken Mendenhall with my 3rd pick. Chris Johnson stood a better chance of falling back to me in round 4 then Mendenhall did.
  16. ARGGGHHH I was hoping Mendenhall would fall back to me. Prob' not a good idea to start two rookie RB's though...
  17. Lol I hear you Spun. The L-east coast guys have the early morn' advantage.
  18. C'mon Blues! I know your not out celebrating our loss tonight
  19. Please do. If someones going to text my a** at 6am Pacific time to tell me its my pick some of the east coast guys can lose a little beauty sleep tonight
  20. It would be nice to get through my 4th pick tonight instead of at work. Hopefully Blues and Slim haven't called it a night yet.
  21. Must be some tired eyes on east coast time. This has come to a crawl.
  22. OK I'm leaving work in a few minutes. If someone would update the draft on all picks up to mine I'll be able to make my pic pretty quick. Thanks
  23. Question from the dynasty noob gentlemen. I see some guys being taken now that are 7-8 round selections in regular drafts. What happens if you play to win this year with old guys that aren't going to be around for more than a couple of years? Is it just picking up off of the WW to field a team in 2010?
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