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  1. Playing amazing right now and it seems like he can keep it up.
  2. Im in a good position (5-0) so I traded Jaylen Brown and TJ Warren to get this guy. Hope he comes back with a chip on his shoulders.
  3. Hope the elbow isnt that bad. Guy is as fragile as an egg shell.
  4. Thinking if I should burn my 2nd waiver position and drop devonte graham for him. League has no IR, daily h2h. Wondering what could be the chances of him coming back during fantasy playoffs.
  5. Well worth it. He's a rebounding gusrd with upside in stocks and nice offensive production.
  6. Thinking of trading this guy for John collins in a 11-cat league with PFouls and DD. The way he's playing right now is very passive. He's more of a defensive anchor for the pels. Lonzo and ingram are taking his shots.
  7. Who do you think are some value picks for this kind of format?
  8. Lost the playoffs 3-6. Held 1st place all throughout the year, but lost to the 8th seed with KD and AD on the opponent roster. Was leading 5-4, with .506 FG coming in today. J. richardson murdered it to .470 and had to play catch up since. This also meant extra turnovers which i eventually lost. I had 45/117 fg among my active starters tonight. Disappointed.
  9. Entered god mode. Wow, I wonder what the best 9 cat statline there is. This is definitely one of the best I've seen.
  10. Drafted this guy at 105. Massive opportunity at this spot.
  11. Took him at 9th overall and paired him with PG. I had a choice of Butler-PG-Gobert-CP3 at the turn.
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