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  1. https://blackandteal.com/2018/09/05/jaguars-donte-moncrief-moves-no-1-wide-receiver-role/ "The Jacksonville Jaguars released its depth chart ahead of the game against the New York Giants. Donte Moncrief, the free agent wide receiver from Indianapolis, has moved into the spot held by Marqise Lee."
  2. If clements continues to work they will use him and save Ajayi knees for the playoffs. Makes no sense giving Ajayi volume if eagles are running thru opponents and clements handling his business
  3. If fournette sits you play ivory it's that simple stop rubix cubing a flex position
  4. He shouldn't have kneel and stood tall for the anthem like a good boy
  5. In my yahoo league they have him with 11 points when 5-85 is 13 points Anyone going thru this
  6. Newton benched for him. Still up in the air 'bout Winston in my other league.
  7. All these Pat's injuries and Cooks can't do s--- lmao
  8. I'm banking on Zeke playing week 1. If not Woodhead will have to hold the torch and I feel Henry is a serviceable Flex play with RB2 upside. I'm also hoping Cooks, Pryor and Parker outperforms and pick up the slack
  9. I would trade Tevin Coleman for a WR. Im big on Parker this season but Ginn Jr. will only be serviceable for couple games.
  10. How many WRS can you play at one time ? All depends on your starting lineup settings.
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