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  1. ya wish i could...but payne is on waivers till tomorrow :|
  2. 10 team 9 cat h2h final two days ok guys this is it. i’m up by 3 ******** assists..i have ben simmons tonight so i should be able to give myself a decent pillow for tomorrow but my question is.. i have one more pick up left. tomorrow i have a full roster minus a center.i’ve added the pictures below.should i add a center who assists? (monroe or oquinn) or should i add a guard like burke who assists? or should i jump on a guard today and only max with 6 tomorrow? this is do or die!!! Todays lineup: Tomorrows Lineup:
  3. who do you think would be better as a pick up?
  4. yes do it..huge boost in defensive stats there and u get a perimeter big who can occasionally shoot a 3..dooo ittt
  5. just wondering who should be my two utilities today...help me out plz!!!
  6. alright guys i have the 10th pick in a standard h2h.. with the kawhi news it's really shifted my john wall boogie picks cuz now john is being drafted before 10 best course of action here? do i go kyrie and boogie? kyrie and lillard? fill me in cuz this sucks!!! whir!
  7. so you guys are picking lillard over wall to go with cousins? im draftting 10/10 and i pretty much am locked into wall/cousins...u guys think i should switch it up? and what would be your advice for the target players in the 3/4 after that? i notice that SF's will run low as well... im looking at a PF in the 3rd like milsap with maybe a derozan.. thoughts??
  8. man i'm actually 10th pick out of 10 in a league this weekend and ive considered taking wall and cousins as well..i have ben simmons as my 9th rounder(keeper).. any advice on who to target in rounds 3-5? ive been thinking derozan,millsap ...but idk if im missing on 3's much there and positions become scarce
  9. chandler will be the type of guy to show up 30 of 82 and u gotta hope hes on your team that day.. but i do think the combo is good..u got assistts and stls and boards and blocks...good solid foundation
  10. hey guys... so i'm drafting 10th in my 10 man league, was wondering if you guys had any strategys? i'm almost thinking to go wall/irving...but then i see a drop off of sgs and sfs ...what do you guys advise? a pg and big man like cousins or?
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