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  1. Dug into his stats the other night and it looks like pitchers have realized he crushes fastballs and offspeed and struggled with breaking balls last year, so they have shifted pretty dramatically on how they attack him. Last year he got fastballs 61.8%, breaking 25.8% and offspeed 12.5% This year it's fastballs 55.5%, breaking 40.6% and offspeed 3.9% He's got 0 hits on breaking/offspeed and only 3 hits on fastballs, but they've at least been extra baggers. Pitchers are definitely attacking him differently this year and he needs to make an adjustment quickly.
  2. Don't forget, best hair in baseball too. Guy is filthy. Sick flow. What more could you ask for.
  3. Must have kept the injury under wraps until having to officially scratch him from a start. Hopefully since it was swinging a damn bat of all thing it isn't like the typical forearm soreness -> elbow issues path.
  4. Still crushing with 2 SB to boot in spring. I like what I'm seein!
  5. Picking up right where he left off. I am very intrigued to see how he does this year, he makes really good contact in the zone, will take walks and is growing into his power. A lot to like.
  6. LaRussa is a piece of ****. Sorry chi sox fans, you don’t want this dude anywhere near your franchise at this point.
  7. He was pacing 138 runs with this year with the lower OBP, has a great shot to hit it.
  8. Not that it's the end all be all, but his statcast page was pretty brutal for this year. xBA of .214 and xSLG of .347 and he was bottom of the barrel in every category they have minus sprint speed and whiff %. I'm interested to see how he does over a full year, those x stats are pretty brutal but if he can figure things out and manage to slug around .470 he'd be a fantasy monster with the OBP and counting stats that come with it.
  9. I don’t worry too much about the lineup around guys but yeah...5 for 5 with 3 doubles tonight and he ended up with 0 RBIs lol. 3 runs at least, but that’s impressive to get 5 hits and not have anyone to push home. He’s going to end up hitting around .370 in his call up, I’m excited to see what he can do over a full season.
  10. Missing on breakout players cost you your league, your first round pick sporting a .295avg/.915ops and 135r/29hr/80rbi/16sb line doesn’t. Also, the Dodgers teasing 2B eligibility to only do it one time was the biggest letdown of the year for me. Almost made up for my infield a compete trainwreck.
  11. His contact rates have been incredibly good so far too. A ton of contact skills and more power than advertised is a good combo.
  12. Previous page, someone said they liked him but refused to roster pitchers who play on a team with a bad offense.
  13. But how many wins does he have?? 🤣
  14. My excitement for him next season just got completely shat on, just realized he has zero starts at 2B this year.
  15. SSS but he’s been hammering the ball so far, 95mph EV coming into today’s double header, 1 for 6 with a homer a walk and some Ks. His contact rates have been great so far, 93% zone contact, 63% o-contact and a 7.x swinging strike %. Only issue I see is he’s hitting too many ground balls and needs to get his launch angle up, but overall so far so good. The contact rates are really nice for a first call up, I’m impressed.
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