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  1. Can't wait to open up the baseball press website tomorrow to check the lineups and see Baddoo penciled in at the 8 spot again.
  2. The issue here is him potentially becoming part of a rotation in the OF and losing at bats even when healthy.
  3. what platform are you using? It has been known for a few days now that he is sick.
  4. Neither of these things are true. He has been one of the most consistent players this year, especially at the WR position. An no he is not almost always hurt. He got hurt three weeks ago which is why his last two games were duds.
  5. Pretty sure he was just in when Dallas was in the red zone.
  6. Your argument for not picking up Hill was literally because you reached the conclusion he was no good based on the fact that he was on a practice squad. Also, I didn't waste any FAAB on Hill. I picked him up last week when he was free. He was an automatic grab when it was known that Ito had a neck injury going into the bye, well before he was even IR'd.
  7. Ah yes another post on the forum stating that NFL coaching staffs and front offices are infallible. Adopting this stance is a quick way to lose your league every year. And then you post in the rant thread when Tim Hightower comes out of retirement and wins the league title for his owners.
  8. Except you don't know what he would be, because he has never been given an opportunity in the NFL before. Stop writing off players before they are given the opportunity to prove themselves. Especially this late in the season when rosters are decimated and subjected to bye weeks. And Freeman is washed, btw.
  9. The number of good coaches in the NFL can be counted on one hand.
  10. It's posts like these that always get bumped during the fantasy playoffs where they are accompanied by lmao emojis.
  11. Probably because when they evaluate talent they aren't doing it after the player gets 4 attempts coming back from injury.
  12. This team looks entirely disinterested in developing their young WRs.
  13. NFL front offices and coaching staffs make incorrect talent evaluations and personnel decisions all the time.
  14. He was an RB1 last year despite missing two games. Go look.
  15. Important distinction is that he is HEALTHY inactive. So we can put those concerns about Williams being expendable when Foster returns to bed.
  16. If you aren't starting Diggs when he plays at home against the Philly secondary he shouldn't be on your roster. Someone else in your league has to value him more than you do.
  17. Kitchens is a career TE and RB coach who got an opportunity to be the offensive coordinator after Jackson and Haley got the boot and turned that into the head coaching gig after less than a year as the OC. There is a very good chance that he is in way over his head as there is absolutely no reason for Baker to be as bad as what he has shown since the season started.
  18. Getting this guy for free yesterday looking better and better.
  19. you should probably stop consuming whatever it is that you are currently consuming.
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